• Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

– It is both possible and logical that all 22 Arab countries will recognize Israel


US Special Adviser Jared Kushner believes that all Arab countries will eventually follow in the footsteps of the United Arab Emirates and normalize their relations with Israel. Kushner believes it will isolate the “noisy minority” in the region who are against normalization with Israel, writes the newspaper Times of Israel.

The emirate WAM news agency has interviewed Kushner, here he was asked, among other things, if he thinks that all 22 Arab states will at some point recognize Israel?

– Yes, I think it makes sense for them to do it, and I think it’s the right thing to do over time. I believe that thanks to the Emirati leadership, there will be a much larger coalition. [There will be] what I call a ‘noisy majority’ who will advocate normalization. I think the noisy minority who will be against normalization will become more and more isolated in the region, Kushner said.

Kphner believes that another Arab country could be on the verge of establishing diplomatic relations with Israel within a few months.

– Let’s hope it’s done in a few months. Anything can happen, but the reality is that many people are jealous of the step the Emirates have taken, Kushner said.

– We do not solve problems by not talking to each other. So normalizing connections, allowing connections between people and business associates will only strengthen and stabilize the Middle East, Kushner added.

Oman, Bahrain, Morocco and Saudi Arabia are among the countries that Israel and the United States hope to follow in the footsteps of the Emirates and establish diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

Kushner also said the issue of Israel’s imposition of sovereignty over parts of the West Bank would be raised again “in the future”, but “not in the near future” Kushner said without elaborating on a time frame.

Israel suspended its plan to impose sovereignty over parts of the West Bank in return for normalization with the Emirates. According to Emirati officials, Israel’s plans for sovereignty were taken off the table. According to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the plan has not been taken off the table.

According to a senior Emirati official, his government has received “assurances” that Israel will not proceed with its plan to establish sovereignty over settlements in the Jordan Valley and the West Bank.

– We can not speculate on future Israeli actions. We have received assurances through the United States and our trilateral dialogue, said Jamal al-Musharakh, director of the Emirati Foreign Ministry’s policy planning department for Israeli journalists in Abu Dhabi.

On 13 August, Israel and the Emirates announced that they would establish full diplomatic relations. The Emirates is just the third Arab country to accept official relations with Israel after Egypt and Jordan. Israeli and US officials have expressed hope that other Arab Gulf states will soon follow suit with conditions based on mutual commercial and security interests and fears for their common enemy, Iran. Read MIFF’s articles on Israel and the Emirates here.

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