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Relations between Israel and the Arab countries are getting warmer and better


A senior Israeli official attends a security conference in Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Writes Times of Israel. The fact that a senior Israeli official is attending a conference in an Arab country shows how the relationship between Israel and the Arab world has recently changed. A few years ago it was unthinkable.

The fear of a common enemy – Iran – has caused Israel and several Arab countries to forge closer ties in the last few years. In February, Benjamin Netanyahu attended a conference in Poland, which was also attended by several Arab countries.

The fight against Tehran is more important than the Palestinian question, an Arab minister said during the Middle East conference in Warsaw in February.

The Bahrain Conference is an extension of the Warsaw Summit. The Israeli official works in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with regional security and the fight against terrorism. For security reasons, his name has not been released by the Israeli authorities.

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz and Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa in Washington in July 2019.

The conference is primarily about combating the growing influence and aggression of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the region. Delegates at the conference will discuss the protection of ships in the Persian Gulf against Iranian attacks, the protection of civil aviation and how to prevent the smuggling of weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

On October 8, Israeli officials also attended a conference with Arab officials. Representatives from Israel, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and other Arab states attended a security conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Netanyahu has previously stated that the nuclear deal signed between the great powers and the Shiite Iran, has meant that the Sunni Muslim countries have found an ally in Israel.

-The nuclear deal has brought us closer to the Arab world, closer than ever. The normalization of our relations with the major Arab countries is happening on a scale that would not have been possible just a few years ago, and this process continues, Netanyahu said in September 2018.

Benjamin Netanyahu attended a conference in Warsaw in February 2019 with several Arab leaders. (Photo: Flickr)

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