• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Makes TV series about “Bibi” Netanyahu


Award-winning screenwriter Kirk Ellis has been brought in to write a screenplay for a TV series based on the biography of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It reports the American trade magazine Variety.

It is the American TV channel and streaming service HBO that has bought the series which will be called «Bibi», Netanyahu’s nickname. The Tel Aviv-based production company Abot Hameiri will be responsible for the production itself.

Abot Hameiri is known for producing Israeli versions of popular international reality series such as The X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, The Bachelor and The Survivor. The company has also produced the Israeli TV program “Shtisel”, which is available to Danish viewers on Netflix.

Screenwriter Ellis is best known for her work on the 2008 miniseries “John Adams” about one of the first American presidents. The series earned Ellis two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

The TV series “Bibi” will be based on the book “The Netanyahu Years” written by high-profile Israeli journalist Ben Caspit.

– Ben Caspit’s insightful book dismantles how privacy always shapes public affairs, and there is no shortage of conflict – or opinions – when it comes to Benjamin Netanyahu, Ellis said in a statement.

Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

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