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First edition of MIFF’s new book The False Image of Israel is about to be sold out. Order the book here.

On January 18, the Norwegian newspaper Dagen printed a book review by Karl Johan Hallaråker, a well-known Norwegian theologian, author and Christian leader.

Hallaråker expresses its joy that Infinitum News is a religiously and politically neutral organization. “MIFF has one main goal – the truth about Israel and the Jewish people. My personal experience from lecture assignments in different environments is that I have largely not met such a knowledgeable audience as at MIFF, »writes Hallaråker.

In The False Image of Israel , author Conrad Myrland documents the delusions that many in Norway (the same applies to Denmark and the EU) have of the Jewish state, and shows how the false image has come about after several decades of one-sided and erroneous information from Norwegian media and school books (the same can also be seen in Denmark).

– Here is thorough argumentation that one can not dismiss. Both NRK (DR, TV2, Berlingske Tidende, Politiken and other media in Denmark), NTB must provide their answers, writes Hallaråker.

«For all the friends of Israel and others who seek the truth, that fact check is extremely welcome and valuable. Many of us who have participated and followed debates and reports will be able to know ourselves in much of what Myrland documents. “

Hallaråker’s conclusion is clear: Buy, read, use!

Facsimile from the newspaper The day 18 January 2021.

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