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Danish churches invite Palestinian boycott-Israel priest to “Heavenly Days”

When the whole of Denmark’s church festival, Heavenly Days, kicks off in the Ascension Days, it will be with the Palestinian liberation theologian, Mitri Raheb from Bethlehem on the program.

Mitri Raheb is part of a larger network of Christian Palestinian leaders gathered in “ Cairo’s Palestine “. Cairo’s Palestine is both a theological and a political movement – which, incidentally, receives financial support from i.a. DanChurchAid. Let me mention two things from the movement’s clearly formulated political agenda.
First, the churches of the West call for a total boycott of Israel and thus join the international Boycott-Israel movement, BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions – see MIFFs explanations and articles here). They want a consumer boycott of goods from Israel, a ban on investing in Israeli companies, a boycott of cultural and sports events, a boycott of Israel as a tourist country – also the Christian pilgrimages, unless you also meet Palestinians on the trip.
BDS is considered by more and more people as anti-Semitic. Thus, the German parliament recently passed a resolution calling the BDS an anti-Semitic movement.

Second, Cairo’s Palestine – like the Palestinian Authority – demands that all Palestinian refugees be given the right to return to the territories from which their ancestors fled.
As the only refugee group in the world, Palestinians can inherit refugee status. This means that even though the original refugees and their descendants have long since settled in other countries, they still count as refugees. The UN has decided that. Today, it is estimated that there are 7.2 million Palestinian refugees – who are in fact children and grandchildren of the real refugees. It is these 7 million Palestinians who are required to be able to travel to Israel and settle. Although everyone knows that meeting this demand will mean the dissolution of the Jewish state of Israel.
Words and concepts such as land theft and apartheid also fly through the air when Cairo speaks.

According to Mitri Raheb, Israel today consists primarily of foreign Jewish immigrants who have nothing to do with the country’s indigenous peoples. They are European colonists with no historical connection to the country. With the help of others, they have created the empire of Israel, which now holds the land occupied and oppresses its indigenous people. “Israel is the Rome of our time,” as he puts it, referring to the time when the Roman Empire occupied the area. He does not acknowledge that the majority of the Jews in Israel today have a connection to the land of Israel that goes back almost 4000 years in time. In contrast to Raheb himself – who according to his own statement is a direct descendant of the first Christians in “Palestine”. And Jesus, he was also a Palestinian, it sounds.

It is not without reason that the Simon Wiesenthal Center has expressed the sharpest criticism of Mitri Raheb and the message he travels around in Western European churches. Mitri Raheb “uses theology as a cover for an extremist political agenda to demonize the Jewish people,” it says.

Despite a stream of pious words, there is not much heavenly about what Mitri Raheb brings. But that does not stop the organizers of Heavenly Days from inviting him.

Reprinted with permission from Jan Frost on the blog


Additional information

Kristeligt Dagblad has a supplement on Heavenly Days on 24 May 2019. There you can read an interview with Mitri Raheb on page 19 and be shaken! ‘”The Bible must be read through weeping eyes” – Western Christians bear some of the blame for the suffering of the Palestinians because they do not read the Bible through the glasses of occupied people. This is the opinion of Bethlehem priest Mitri Raheb, who is in Denmark to participate in Heavenly Days in Herning ‘.

See also quote from “ Samuelsen: – Israel must be treated on an equal footing with all other countries < persecuted Christians must be on the agenda, Israel must move down. “(Dina Grossman March 15, 2019)

Where are the Danish church organizations?
MIFF can also add , that many church organizations in Denmark never ever deal with persecuted Christians – unless they believe that they can claim (incorrectly) that Israel persecutes Christians in Israel and the Israeli-controlled areas. Read e.g. Jan Frost’s
Christian debate post from 2016 about the most bizarre way in which the Danish Church Council (DKR) expresses concern about persecuted Christians in the world: “Christians in Israel have good opportunities to practice their faith ”

Links to what MIFF.DK has published in connection with Raheb’s like-minded people – not least in connection with “Cairo’s Palestine”
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https://miff.dk/kirken-og-israel/2018/12/05julekortet-fra-betlehem-husk-at-boykotte-israel-saa-verdens-eneste-joediske-stat-kan-forsvinde. htm – Conrad Myrland, 5 December 2018
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Links to information about Mitri Raheb at miff.no
https://www.miff.no/palestinske-myndigheter-pa/2013/11/04myterogfaktaompalestinskekristne.htm – Myths and facts take on Palestinian Christians. Odd Myrland 4 November 2013
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