• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Voters have voted and the election is decided – you can see the election result here. The Social Democrats (S) received 48 seats, which is an increase of one seat. The Liberal Party won 43 seats – an increase of 9 seats.

Of the new parties that ran in the parliamentary elections, only New Citizens came across the threshold with 4 seats.

The Unity List lost one seat
Several of the parties in the red bloc have a very Israel-critical policy – some of them cause for concern. Nevertheless, there is also reason to rejoice that the Folketing’s perhaps most anti-Israel party, the Unity List, experienced a decline.

MIFF has written several articles on how EL abuses their political platform to demonize Israel and create a very hateful mood around the Jewish state and the Jewish people. This is of course a big problem – therefore MIFF will continue to be a watchdog in relation to parties like EL.

The following links to MIFF’s articles on EL speak their clear language: EL apparently has no moral compass when it comes to spreading lies about Israel.

MIFF’s articles on EL have revealed the party’s deep hatred of Israel. In 2018, MIFF called for action against Christian Juhl (EL), after his disgusting post in Sjællandske. In the post, Juhl compared Israel to rogue states and called Israel’s reaction to the violent riots in Gaza at the border fence brutal. The post was marked by lies and misinformation about Israel. Also read commentator Ole Groth’s comments on Juhl’s post here and MIFF’s update on the case here.

In 2019, MIFF has published a number of articles on EL’s “effective” actions against Israel: The party’s Mayor for the Environment and Technology, Ninna Hedegar Olsen, presented an honorary award to BDS people at Copenhagen City Hall. MIFF also drew attention to the pro-Palestinian propaganda behind the award. Just as MIFF also pointed out that Ulrik Kohl (EL), who is a member of the Environment and Technology Committee at Copenhagen City Hall, was both behind the honorary award and has previously been convicted of terrorism.

EL also collaborates with other left-wing parties to spread the party’s anti-Israel policies in an attempt to put political pressure. For example, in collaboration with the Alternative (ALT), the Socialist People’s Party (SF) and the Radical Left (RV), EL tried to put pressure on the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen from the Liberal Alliance (LA). Denmark had become a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and the Foreign Minister wanted to introduce reforms to change the skewed focus on Israel. You can also read Israel’s ambassador, Benny Dagans commenting on the matter here.

The left-wing parties are also collaborating to spread anti-Israel propaganda by holding public meetings. On 17 May 2018, EL, SF and the Socialist Youth Front (SUF) marked Israel’s 70th birthday with an event arranged in collaboration with EL, SF and S in Holbæk Municipality at Holbæk Library. At the meeting, among other things, lie cards were used in which Israel was portrayed as an expanding state that steals land from the Palestinians. It also called for a boycott of Israeli goods and a here-and-now recognition of Palestine.

As if the above examples were not bad enough – MIFF recently wrote about Pernille Skipper (EL), Mogens Lykketoft (S) and Caroline Magdalene Maier (ALT) who participated in the European Palestinians conference in Brøndby Hallen. At the conference, the right of the Palestinians to return to Israel was defined as being sacred. MIFF took action and called on all MIFFs and Israel friends to send their protest to (S) over Lykketoft’s participation – read MIFF’s call here. Read the audience’s reaction to Lykketoft’s statement that he, after all, supports Israel’s right to exist here. Read commentator Ole Groth’s open letter to Mogens Lykketoft here and read the Danish-Israeli Association (DIF) and the Joint Committee for Israel’s letter to EL here. You can watch or re-watch the shock film from the conference, where thousands of participants were encouraged to dream that all Israelis should die – you can watch the film here. You can also read the reactions MIFF got on Facebook over the film here.

EL certainly makes no secret of the party’s anti-Israel policy. As the only political party in parliament, EL has a Palestine Committee. In addition, the party is also obsessed with the idea of ​​promoting a boycott of Israel – read MIFF’s article here. Also read how EL helps keep the Palestinians in a victim role by insisting that 5-6 million Palestinians should have the right to return to Israel here.

MIFF hopes the future government will not be responsive to EL’s pressure to demonize Israel or a here and now recognition of Palestine as a state.

MIFF would like to emphasize once again the importance of all Israeli friends supporting the cause of Israel – the Jewish people desperately need our support! >

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