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On 19 February, Svend Lindhardt in Den Korte Avis, Pernille Skipper’s (EL) commented in Berlingske Tidende on the Unity List’s responsibility for the rising anti – Semitism in Denmark.

Skipper’s comments in Berlingske were a reaction to Davy Antebi, Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to Denmark comments in Berlingske on 6 February.

In Berlingske, Antebi wrote, among other things:
– On the same day, when almost 50 leaders from around the world gathered in Jerusalem to commemorate the Holocaust, the Unity List’s political spokesperson, Pernille Skipper, felt the need to once again sharply criticize the policies of the Israeli government. Skipper also mentions the many Israelis she knows who oppose the state of Israel and go against the policies of the Netanyahu government, and there will also be equal room for a defense of Jeremy Corbyn, who has otherwise been heavily accused of anti-Semitism, also by British Jews. At the same time, one has been able to read in a post from the Unity List’s former MFer Pelle Dragsted that anti-Semitism is simply against the DNA that makes up the left wing, writes Antebi in Berlingske Tidende.

(Read MIFF’s articles about the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz where Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen also participated here).


Here are Lindhardt’s comments in The Short Newspaper:
The Israeli ambassador has said that Pernille Skipper from the Unity List with her criticism of Israel can be taken as income for the rising anti-Semitism.

Pernille Skipper rejects this. (Berlingske 17.2)

Skipper correctly states that one can easily criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic. And Skipper is right that there is a lot to criticize Israel for. Israelis are not saints, which they themselves are very much aware of. There is a lot of self-criticism in Israel, and thank you for that!

-But Skipper’s acquittal sounds hollow because she deliberately ignores the fact that she is demonizing the state of Israel with her one-sided commitment to the Palestinians. With her black-and-white view of the conflict, she indirectly invites others to air their stereotypical anti-Semitic interpretations. And in doing so, she assumes, as the Israeli Deputy Ambassador points out, a shared responsibility for the disgusting anti-Semitism that is sweeping across Europe today. That she keeps her own path clean and strikes seven crosses is fine, but she is nonetheless complicit, because she has indirectly invited the pig dog in.

If Skipper wanted to weaken anti-Semitism, then …
It would strengthen Skipper’s credibility and reduce adherence to anti-Semitism if, in her work, she abandoned the stereotype of the heroic and poor Palestinians facing evil Israel. She was able to do this by participating in the debate on a nuanced basis, so she also criticized the Palestinians and the UN.

If Skipper wanted to weaken anti-Semitism, then…
It would strengthen Skipper’s credibility and reduce adherence to anti-Semitism if, in her work, she abandoned the stereotype of the heroic and poor Palestinians facing evil Israel. . She could do this by participating in the debate on a nuanced basis, so she also criticized the Palestinians and the UN.

  • She could do that by refraining from attending conferences organized by the terrorist Hamas, where she dressed in Shemagh (Palestinian headscarf) allowed herself to be taken hostage by Hamas’ views.
  • She could do that by openly criticizing Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) for their war-glorifying support for the Palestinian “martyrs”.
  • She could do that by criticizing Hamas and the PA for their continued terrorist attacks and armed struggle against Israel, while at the same time claiming that they want peace.
  • She could do that by blaming the Palestinian leaders for how they have failed their own people in both the West Bank and Gaza, so that they now have neither water nor electricity.
  • It could she do this by criticizing Hamas and the PLO for making any peace proposal impossible in their internal struggle?
  • She could do this by criticizing Hamas, the PLO, the UN and the EU for allows the PA to participate in the peace process, while at the same time producing maps of Palestine stating that Jews will not be allowed to live there. They are obviously to be thrown into the sea, but this is elegantly toned down when participating in peace talks that have been conducted exclusively since Arafat, because the Palestinians now want the whole of Israel as before.
  • It could she does by criticizing the UN’s massive prejudice against Israel. It is expressed in the fact that the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) never blames the Palestinians for their massive human rights violations. According to the UNHRC Israel, the only people in the world who violate human rights are. maintain that the 5.2 million descendants of Palestinian refugees all have a legal claim to return to Israel. That’s blue sky nonsense.
  • She could do that by taking a more nuanced view of President Trump and his peace plan. It is true that the plan does not offer the Palestinians much, but that is what they can get after they in 2008 said no to Olmert’s offer to them that they could get the West Bank with East Jerusalem and Gaza. If Skipper wants the Palestinians and the Middle East well, she demands that Hamas and the PLO reconsider and say yes. Otherwise, they will get nothing.
  • She could do that by saying no to both Hamas and the PLO’s flirtation with Iran, which together with Russia and Turkey is now swinging the baton in the Middle East due to President Obama’s betrayal.

Just to start somewhere!
Svend Lindhardt

MIFF’s comments
It does not matter what our politicians say or think. The policy pursued is also reflected in the population. The anti-Israel policy of the Unity List is well known.

MIFF has written several articles on how the EL abuses their political platform to demonize Israel and create a very hateful atmosphere around the Jewish state and the Jewish people. This is of course a big problem – that’s why Infinitum News will continue to be a watchdog in relation to parties like EL.

Read MIFF’s concluding article including links in which EL speaks their clear language: EL apparently has no moral compass when it comes to spreading lies about Israel.

MIFF would like to emphasize once again the importance of all Israeli friends supporting the cause of Israel – the Jewish people desperately need our support! >
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