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Margrete Auken Ersman of the European Parliament for Socialist People’s Party (SF) and Member of several committees, among them:
Vice-President of the Delegation for relations with the Palestine delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly in the Mediterranean Union.

Auken does not hide on its attitudes to Israel, here is a selection of what Infinitum News has previously brought:
25. June 2020: Auken was among the 53 parliamentary politicians who threatened Israel with consequences. Representatives from the Unit List, Socialist People’s Party, Radical Left, Social Democracy, Left and Housed Members believed that Israel plans to claim sovereignty over up to 30 percent of the West Bank must have “consequences”. Read here Why they are wrong .

14. January 2021: Auken jumped in the choir of “medical apartheid” prosecutors against Israel: see how passport the “medical apartheid” spread. The Palestinian authorities (PA) promised the Palestinians that they would arrange for Corona vaccines. Since it knew that pa could not keep their promise, they accused “medical apartheid”. Read here.

3. March: Here too, Auken was in the choir; Infinitum News total raw anti-Israeli propaganda prior to the Prime Minister’s Corona meeting with Netanyahu. The Left and Danish Palestinian Friendship Association (DPV) Gained the coffee in the neck that the Prime Minister would have close Corona cooperation with Israel. Read here.

3. May came Auken with the following indictment against Israel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:


In the picture, Auken is seen with a picture from Israel’s capital in the middle, the Auken calls for “Palestinians’ capital” and the Palestinian Ambassador in Denmark, Manuel Hassassian.

On March 5, Infinitum News Ambassador’s interview in the newspaper Althing, Hasasian said, among other things:
– Mette Frederiksen has sold his soul to Israel. I see the decision as a backing for apartheid rather than balancing in the middle, where Denmark has always been known to fight for human rights and play an international humanitarian role, says Manuel Hassassian. Read here.

In the interview, the ambassador also used words such as “disgusting”, “unacceptable” and “abominable”, whether the Prime Minister’s desire for a closer Corona cooperation with Israel.

Neither everything or Auken Bad Ambassador comments The increasing dissatisfaction in Palestinian society over the vaccine distribution. Several Palestinian organizations required openness of the vaccine distribution and accused Palestinian leaders to sneak around the vaccine queue. Read more here.
Althing and Auken also not asked about the Ambassador’s comment on the $ 1 billion as the Palestinian authorities (PA ) Used in 2020 on terror, or how many vaccines PA could have purchased for that amount? – Read more about this.

pa receives 200 million kroner annually by the Danish taxpayers.

Also, Nuken also does not believe that the ambassador’s accusations against Denmark’s prime minister are unworthy of an ambassador .

Now Auken calls the Palestinian self-government authorities (PA) for a state of Jerusalem as their capital. In Infinitum News, we think it is crucial to get the facts on the table like Auken, Hassassian, Danish media and many others do not control:

“Palestine” is geographical Designation – Read more extensively here.
“Palestine” is a geographical indication in an area along the east bank of the Mediterranean, first and foremost the area between the sea and the Jordan River. The area today consists of Israel, West Bank and Gaza Strip.
The term Palestine (Arabic: Falastin ) was used the first time by the Greek historian Herodot about five hundred years before our time bill. It is believed that the term was attached to the People’s Loss as in Israel’s history called the Philistines, which disappeared about the same time . After the Romans, the third Jewish rebellion against the okkupation of Judea down, renamed Romans Judea to Syria, Palestine and Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina as a propaganda taking to break the Jewish coupling to the country and the capital.
in ancient times was the land area Palestine squeezed between empires such as the Assyrians, the Babylonies and Persians in the east and the Egyptians in the west. In that area, the Kingdoms were Israel and Judah in the last millennium. Here Judaism was born, and since then there has been coherent Jewish presence in the area. Christians came in a majority four or five hundred years after Jesus. After the Muslims conquest of the area in the 6th century, the religion of the majority was from around the 20th century and up to Jewish immigration in the 20th century.

Up to the First World War, the rural areas as today are Israel, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza controlled by the Ottoman Empire. Since then, Arabs and Jews have been in conflict on who must have sovereignty over the area and how land and resources may be shared. The Kernes issue in Israel “Palestine” The conflict is whether the Palestinians will be replaced by the world’s only Jewish state. Read more extensively here.

Since the 1940s, the international community has proposed a sharing of the land area Palestine in an Arab and Jewish state. The Arabs have said no to all offers of a state since 1937 – read here.

All proposals have been rejected from Arabic side, as since then have used wars, terror, boycott and delegation to weaken or remove the Jewish state who was declared independent I1948 – read more here.

There are 22 Arab and 57 Muslim states. Single explained Israel-Palestine conflict that Arab and Muslim countries will not accept that Jewish people have a state in their historical home country.
“Palestine” does not meet the conditions of international law in order to be recognized as state
in the Gaza strip live around two million inhabitants, and in Judea and Samaria (West Bank) about three million. Since 2007, “Palestine” de-facto has been divided into two. The Terrorg group Hamas has full control over the Gaza Strip, while Fatah movement controls the Palestinian Self Governors (PA) in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). “Palestine” has in Dogo Presidents, two prime ministers, a legislation that is out of function and has been unable to hold choice – read more here. Palestine reflects thus not the conditions of international law to be recognized as a state – read more here. President of PA is Mahmoud Abbas. Read why the Terror group Hamas is so dangerous here.
Jerusalem – Read more extensively here.
Jerusalem has been the capital of Jewish people over three thousand years. In the period 1948 to 1967 Jerusalem was a shared city. Jordanian strengths Occurred East Jerusalem. During the six-day war in 1967, Israel released the city and overall it within new municipal boundaries. Many countries see East Jerusalem as being okkuped by Israel. The majority of Jerusalem’s Arab population live in East Jerusalem, but several Jewish neighborhoods are also built in the area.
CA1000 f. Kr. Israel’s first king, Shaul is followed by David, who captured Jerusalem and made it to Israel’s capital.

960 BC David’s son, King Shlomo, builds the first temple in Jerusalem.

586 BC The Juda kingdom is captured by the Babylonerne (current southern Iraq). The first temple of Jews in Jerusalem is destroyed, the majority of the Jewish people are passed to Babylon.

537 BC The shutdown Jews return to Israel, other temple built in Jerusalem. The Jewish people have limited self-government under the Persians.

67-70 AD The Jewish war. Emperor Titus destroys Jerusalem, the second temple of Jews goes up in flames.

134, rebelled led by carcass-kochbaknusses by Romans. The Romans would not only remove Jewish presence, but reminded Jewish presence. Jerusalem is rebuilt with the name Aelia Capitolina, such as Greek town, the Jews are demonstrated from there and Jewish religious practice prohibited. The country is named Palestine, according to the Philistines, Israel’s hostile neighbors – as King David saw their power was broken.
The Romans are followed by the Byzantines. About four hundred years into our time bill comes the Jews in minorities in the land area Israel.Click here to read more: – Expression Ket “The historic Palestine” is totally fictitious, background – Read more here: Also Ashkenazi Jews are urpage in Israel.

638 – Already in the year 624, while Muhammad remained, the prayer direction in Islam (Quibla) changed from Jerusalem to Mecca. It reduces the importance of Jerusalem in Islam.
Muslim strengths conquer and occupies the land area Israel around Year 638. The Omayadians are facing the abbasids in the year 750.Skemsmoskeen is raised where the temple’s temple’s most holifest once was. Relative freedom of Jews and Christians alternate with oppression . Read more: The Omar pact regulates systematic discrimination against Jews and other non-Muslims. Depth Article: The history of the Jews in Arab countries before 1948.
1099, European Crusaders occupy Jerusalem and acquire governed by the country. Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem are mercilessly eradicated. Dress: Many place names in Israel testify to the Jewish presence in the country through thousands of years – read here.

1492, Jews from Spain, some travel to Jerusalem. The Jews were persecuted, banished and massacred in a number of European land throughout the Middle Ages.

1882-1903 First Aliyah (Immigration), from Russia. European consulates are established in Jerusalem.
Background: The Holy Land as a Norwegian priest saw it in 1881 – Read more here.
It has only happened once in history that a people have returned to the land area where they originally Come from, and formed and built up a nation there, after being scattered in about 2000 years over about the whole world. There was always a connection that was not broken – read more here.

1967, May 14: The President Nasser of Egypt directs 90,000 soldiers to Sinai. The Arabs made it clear both in caricatures to now, Israel should be deleted from the map – read more here.
18. May: Nasser commands the UN strengths out of Sinai.
22. May: Egypt closes the Tiranstray for traffic to Israel, sea to Asia and Africa is blocked. It was in itself war action.
30. May: Jordan goes in military alliance with Egypt against Israel.
4. June: Iraq joins the Alliance, and the countries declare war against Israel.
The relationships were not just one, but more warths as separately and together account for the so-called decasus Belli – read more Commission causes, which gave Israel right to the right to defend themselves.
5. June: Israel conducts a pre-attack against Egypt in self-defense, and is even attacked by Jordan and Syria.
Israel Bad Jordan – The message was handed over by the Norwegian General General Odd Bull – to stay out of the war, and Israel would not do Something against Jordan, including East Jerusalem. But Jordan still started Bombardment of Vest-Jerusalem.
Six days later, the Israel won, and took control over the Golan heights, the West Bank, Gaza and Sinai.
Jerusalem was reunited as “eternal and indivisible” capital.
Read more: -Seek War in 1967, Khartoum resolution: The three NOs of the Arabs for Israel after the war and UN resolution 242 require Israel to get safe and recognized borders.

May 4, 2021 wrote MIFF ; Hamas accuses Passport President Abbas for a coup. Emergency mode in the Palestinian territories (PA) after future Palestinian elections has again been canceled. Abbas decision not to implement the first choice since 2006 has aroused great anger in the EU. Read more here.

EU foreign manager, Josep Borrell, among other things, said in a statement by Abbas’ postponement of the election:

»a deep disappointment,”

“We strongly urge that all Palestinian actors resume discussions with other factions after such meetings have been successful in recent months. A new date for a choice must be fixed immediately, “

Where is Margrete Auken’s condemnation of passport corruption, adjacent to terrorism, disbursement of terrorists with Israeli life on conscience, abuse of Danish PA assistance and much more ?

Where is Margrete Auken’s condemnation of the Terror group Hamas since 2007 has controlled Gaza with an iron grip, which has fired several thousand rockets into Israeli cities that threaten Israel’s existence and stand on several countries’ terrorist lists – incl. EU?
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