• Mon. May 16th, 2022

SF do you know where you have.
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Daniel Bekesi from conservative youth writes:


For Enlud.dk says Auken:

– What happens in Israel and Palestine deserves the entire world’s attention and I share many tweets and pictures.

– Among them was a series in which a Palestinian driver is shatbanked in Israel of right extremists. The series ended with a picture of Netanyahu who are compared to an ISIS warrior.

– When I was made aware of it, detached from the other pictures, I even found it under my level and deleted it. Then it is no longer for my part, it sounds in a written comment from Margrete Auken.

Aukens press officer adds: “She also wonderes that DR ( We assume that SF has been wrong with insight and state-owned Media Denmark’s radio, ed. ) jumps on it Case from the Embassy of Israel “.

– But you think it sounds.

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