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The Trump plan was announced by the White House on the evening of Tuesday, January 29th. Within hours, the plan was condemned by a number of Norwegian politicians before they could have read the plan in detail.

Here, Infinitum News outlines key points from the first part of the plan – which outline how there can be a political peace solution between Israelis and Palestinians.

See the maps in the peace plan here.

The Trump plan wants to give Palestinians “every opportunity to govern themselves, but not the ability to threaten Israel.” “People are meant to read the vision, understand and imagine how its concepts will actually and dramatically improve their lives. We believe both sides win more than they give. ” The authors want the plan to be seen as “holistic.” “The vision presents a package of compromises that both parties should consider, in order to move forward and seek a better future that will serve both parties and others in the region.”

The Trump plan states that it is “Israelis and Palestinians themselves who must make the choice to create lasting peace together”. “The final, specific details of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement must be drawn up directly between the parties.”

The Trump plan rejects limited framework agreements and vague proposals. “This vision looks at all important issues in an attempt to truly resolve the conflict.”

The Trump plan is clear on the Palestinians’ biggest problem: “Gaza is controlled by Hamas, a terrorist organization that has fired thousands of rockets at Israel and killed hundreds of Israelis. In the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is plagued by failed institutions and widespread corruption. Their laws provide incentives for terror and PA-controlled media and schools promote a culture of rebellion. It is because of a lack of accountability and poor management of billions of dollars that have been wasted and investments that cannot flow into the territories so that Palestinians can get well. The Palestinians deserve a better future and this vision can help them achieve it in the future.

The Trump plan calls on Palestinian leaders “to embrace peace by recognizing Israel as a Jewish state, rejecting terror in all its forms, enabling special adaptations to cover Israel and the region’s vital security needs, building effective institutions, and choosing pragmatic solutions.” If these steps are taken and the criteria of this vision are met, the United States will support the creation of a Palestinian state. “

If the Trump plan is implemented, it will also create many positive economic effects in the region. “It could lead to direct flights between the state of Israel and its neighbors, the transportation of people, trade and new opportunities for millions of people to visit places sacred to their religion.”

US authorities estimate that the realization of The Trump plan will double Palestinian GDP over ten years, create over a million new jobs, reduce unemployment to less than 10 percent, and reduce the proportion of the poor by 50 percent.

The Trump plan states that resolutions from the UN General Assembly or the Security Council will not resolve the conflict. Since 1946, there have been almost 700 resolutions from the General Assembly on the conflict and over a hundred from the Security Council, without it having contributed to a solution.

The Trump plan points out that “the Palestinians have never had a state, but that they have a legitimate desire to govern themselves and decide their own destiny.” At the same time, it says that “Israel has a legitimate desire to be the nation state of the Jewish people and that this status must be recognized in the world.” The goal is for the parties to recognize each other – Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people, the state of Palestine as the nation state of the Palestinian people – “in both cases with equal civil rights for all citizens of each state”.

“The transition to becoming a state is complex, and there are major pitfalls. The region cannot absorb another failed state, another state that is not bound by human rights and law. “

To gain American and Israeli recognition, a Palestinian state must:

  1. Ensure freedom of the press, free and fair elections, respect for citizens’ human rights, protection of religious freedom and a just and independent judicial system.
  2. Establish good economic practices that meet international requirements.
  3. “… have completed all programs, including curricula and textbooks, which are used to incite or promote hatred and enmity towards its neighbors, and which compensate or provide incentives for criminal or violent activity.”
  4. ” … Gain civil and police control over its entire territory and demilitarize its population. “
  5. “… has fulfilled all the other conditions of this vision. “

The Trump plan calls on the Palestinians to have “as much self-determination as possible”, but is open to the fact that they will not necessarily meet all the definitions of a sovereign state. “That sovereignty is a static quantity and a particular designation has been an unnecessary stumbling block in previous negotiations.”

The Trump plan points out that if the West Bank gets a regime similar to the Hamas regime in Gaza, “it will pose an existential threat to the state of Israel.” “The United States will only ask Israel to make compromises that we believe will make the state of Israel and the people of Israel more secure in both the short and long term. This vision was designed in this spirit. All other countries should have the same approach. “

Nevertheless, the Trump plan states that the state of Israel must make “significant compromises when it comes to land.” “Retreating from lands won in a defensive war is rarely seen historically. It should be pointed out that the state of Israel has already withdrawn from at least 88 percent of the land they conquered in 1967. This vision proposes the transfer of large tracts of land from the state of Israel – land that Israel believes has a legal and historical right to and which is part of the ancient homeland of the Jewish people – which must be considered a significant compromise. “

The United States believes that Israel is not legally obliged to give Palestinians 100 percent of the West Bank and Gaza (“which is in line with UN Security Council Resolution 242”). “This vision is a fair compromise that envisages a Palestinian state that includes land that is similar in size to the West Bank and Gaza before 1967. (The plan calls for Israel to abandon land in the Negev.)

The Trump plan distances itself from moving people – neither Arabs nor Jews should be moved from their homes. “Such a solution, which is likely to cause unrest, runs counter to the idea of ​​coexistence.”

The Trump plan is reminiscent of the conflict that has created both a Palestinian and a Jewish refugee problem. “There must be no right of return or absorption of any Palestinian refugees into the State of Israel.” The solution will be absorption in the state of Palestine, in the countries where the refugees (and their descendants) live in now or in other Muslim countries. The United States will work to ensure that Muslim countries receive five thousand Palestinian refugees each year for a period of ten years. “Once an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement is signed, Palestinian refugee status will cease to exist and UNRWA will be terminated and their responsibilities transferred to relevant governments.”

“A just solution for the Jewish refugees must be implemented through an appropriate international mechanism separate from the Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.”

If the parties reach an agreement, the United States will not expect Israel to honor its obligations until the Palestinian Authority, or another entity acceptable to Israel, has full control over Gaza, Gaza’s terrorist organizations are disarmed and Gaza is completely demilitarized. “Significant improvement for the people of Gaza will not happenbefore there is a ceasefire with Israel, full demilitarization of Gaza and a government structure that allows the international community to safely and easily invest new money in investments that will not be ruined by expected future conflicts. “

The Trump plan calls for a high-speed connection between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, and good arrangements for imports and exports to the state of Palestine through Israeli ports. In the long run, five years after a peace agreement has worked satisfactorily, a separate port can also be established on an artificial island outside Gaza.

“The State of Israel will benefit from having secure and recognized borders. They do not have to relocate any settlements, and will incorporate the vast majority of Israeli settlements in contiguous Israeli territory. Israeli enclaves located within contiguous Palestinian territories will become part of the State of Israel and be linked to it through an efficient transportation system. “

As per the distribution of land provided for in the Trump Plan, 97 percent of Israelis in the West Bank will be living on land belonging to Israeli territory. 97 percent of Palestinians in the West Bank will live on land that becomes part of Palestinian territory. The few who stay in enclaves will be guaranteed access roads and security. “First-class infrastructure solutions (including tunnels and transitions) will be built to ensure unhindered movement between both states and between states and their respective enclaves.”

“The Jordan Valley, which is critical to Israel’s national security, will be under Israeli sovereignty.” The Trump plan calls on Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians to ensure that current agricultural activities owned or controlled by Palestinians can continue without disruption or discrimination.

The Trump plan opens up the transfer of the so-called Triangle of Israel, an area with a number of Arab cities within the 1949 ceasefire lines, to a future Palestinian state.

”The security barrier is removed to meet the new boundaries. New, modern and efficient border stations will be built. ”

“The approach to this vision is to keep Jerusalem united, to make it accessible to all, and to recognize its holiness for all in a way that is respectful of all.”

“Unlike many other former powers that ruled over Jerusalem and destroyed the holy sites of other religions, the State of Israel should be commended for protecting the holy sites for all and maintaining a religious status quo.” The Trump plan calls for the holy sites to continue to be governed the same way they are today. “In particular, the status quo in Temple Square / Haram al-Sharin should continue unhindered.” At the same time, the plan states that “people of every religion should be allowed to pray in Temple Square / Haram al-Sharif”.

The Trump plan calls for the security barrier in Jerusalem to become the border line through the city. The capital of the state of Palestine should be in the part of East Jerusalem that lies east and north of the existing security barrier, including Kafr Aqab, the eastern part of Shuafat and Abu Dis, and can be called Al Quds (Jerusalem in Arabic) or a another name decided by the State of Palestine. “

The Trump plan envisages that Arabs living within the security barrier in East Jerusalem can become citizens of the state of Israel, but they can also choose citizenship of a Palestinian state or have a different political identity.

North of the Old City, Trump plans to develop a tourist zone in the state of Palestine in the Atarot district. From here, high-speed connections will be established to the Muslim holy sites in the Old Town.

The Trump plan proposes a financial support package for Palestinian society of up to about $ 300 billion. Danish kroner over ten years. Among other things, a free trade zone will be established between Palestineina and Jordan, where manufactured goods can be exported via an airport in Jordan. Israel will allow the Palestinians to develop a tourist area along the coast of the northern Dead Sea. The United States will negotiate a free trade agreement with Palestine, and hopes that European countries will do the same.

”Each country spends a significant amount on defense against external threats. The State of Palestine will not be burdened by such costs because these will be borne by the State of Israel. It is a significant benefit to the economy of the state of Palestine, as money that would otherwise be spent on defense can instead go to health, education, infrastructure and other issues that improve Palestinian living conditions. “

“The state of Palestine must be completely demilitarized and remain so. The state of Palestine wants security forces that can maintain internal security and prevent terrorist attacks against the state of Palestine, the state of Israel, Jordan and Egypt. ” The Trump plan calls for the Palestinian Authority to gradually take control of areas of the West Bank. “If the State of Palestine does not meet the security criteria at all times, the State of Israel has the right to revoke the process described above.”

If a peace agreement is signed, Palestinian prisoners will be released, with the exception of those convicted of murder. assassination attempts, terrorist plots and those who are Israeli citizens. Prisoners who will be released must sign a pledge to promote coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians. No Palestinian prisoners will be released unless Israeli prisoners or earthly remnants of Israelis are returned to Israel.

The Trump plan underscores the need to create a culture of peace, end riots, glorify violence, terror and martyrdom. “There must be a ban on hostile propaganda, as well as textbooks, curricula and related material that run counter to the goal of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement, including the denial of the other’s right to exist.” A joint “Commission for Acceptance and Tolerance” will be set up.

The Trump plan calls for the peace deal to include other Arab states as well. “The United States strongly urges the Arab countries to begin normalizing their relations with the State of Israel and to negotiate lasting peace agreements.” The Trump plan calls on the United States and the state of Palestine to stop anti-Israel initiatives at the UN and other international organizations. The Arab countries must stop supporting the delegitimization of Israel and the BDS. “The United States considers the BDS movement to be destructive of peace and will oppose any activity that promotes BDS or other restrictive trade measures affecting Israel.”

”Revisionist initiatives call into question the authentic roots of the Jewish people in the state of Israel. These initiatives are not only in conflict with Jewish and Christian history, but also Islamic history. An important goal of this vision is for the State of Israel to be treated as a legitimate part of the international community. “

“The state of Israel is not a threat to the region at all. However, the economic situation and the malicious activities of Iran pose an existential threat to several of the states of the region. Integrating Israel into the region will enable it to exist in a wide range of economic challenges and also stand up to the threat posed by Iran. “

During the negotiation period

Israel may not build new settlements in areas that the Trump plan does not envisage being part of Israel. Israel must also not expand the enclaves outside their current territories and stop illegal construction.

The PLO and the PA must not attempt to join any international organization without the consent of Israel, stop all actions against Israel / Israelis and the United States / Americans in international courts and Interpol, stop the reward system for terrorists and develop institutions necessary for state formation.

USA vil reopen the PLO Representation Office, open a representative office in the Palestinian Authority, open to resume aid to the West Bank and Gaza, and work to promote international aid projects.

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