• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Does Intergovernmental Cooperation also participate in support of Hamas?

For a long time I have been following Mellemfolkeligt Samvirkes (MS)’s postings on Facebook and the news on their website. And I have to say I’m shocked. Shocked by the one-sided information – and often outright misinformation – I get from an organization that collects over 60% of their revenue from public coffers. I will not tire anyone with many examples. There are otherwise plenty of them. Just a single from this week’s FB post. Look at the drawing. It’s being brought along with a call to participate in a demonstration today.

The graphic shows a dove of peace wearing a bulletproof vest seen through an Israeli rifle binoculars. The peace dove thus represents Hamas-controlled Gaza. Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organization. Both the EU and the US have stated this. Since taking power in Gaza in 2007, Hamas – and the other terrorist groups in Gaza – have carried out countless attacks on the civilian population of Israel and at no time have they expressed a desire for peace with Israel. On the contrary. Hamas wants Israel gone – completely gone. That’s the battle MS is supporting with this post.

Notes, sources, and references (with links)

The post was published on April 21, 2018 on Facebook. Jan Frost has given MIFF-DK permission to reprint it, including the graphics.

Editor’s note: Seen in conjunction with the scandal “Gaza Works”, it seems that the international Israel-bashing network in the days around Israel’s 70th anniversary has been very active in promoting Hamas propaganda. MIFF-DK articles on Gaza Works: Gaza Works – or is it Hamas? by Mette Thomsen. The Royal Library’s exhibition “Kent Klich: Gaza Works” – Propaganda work? by Dina Grossman.

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