• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Israel should ease all restrictions imposed by Corona and reopen the country for international travel. This is the opinion of a research team at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the research team also includes a prominent epidemiologist and two economics professors, writes Times Israel.

They have reviewed statistics from around the world and conclude in a recent study that although the closure of society was necessary in London, New York and elsewhere, Israel did not need to impose such severe restrictions.

At the same time, the researchers acknowledge that without the restrictions, far more Israelis would have died from Corona, probably a significantly higher number.

So far, 208 people have died from Corona in Israel. However, the research team believes that it could be kept within a “manageable amount”, while protecting the economy from the enormous damage it has suffered during the closure.

-It is not our intention to criticize what has been done. It’s not a political issue, but it does question,

David Gershon at Hebrew University. (Photo: Private)

why the country is still partially closed down, says economics professor David Gershon at Hebrew University.

Israel is slowly reopening after being shut down as a result of the Corona outbreak. More and more companies are reopening. Now the Israeli authorities have also announced that kindergartens and schools will be gradually reopened.

Gershon believes that Israel should also reopen the country to tourists. The tourism industry is completely shut down as a result of the Corona pandemic. A city like Eilat on the Red Sea that makes a living from tourism has an incredibly high unemployment rate of 75%.

-We must not think of tourism as something that is too fun. It is about the people who make a living from providing the services in cities like Eilat must be able to survive. If Eilat is to survive, they must return to normal, he believes.

The economics professor believes that international tourists can be tested for Corona when they enter Israel and are sent home or quarantined if they are ill. He believes the most important thing is that everyone continues with good hand hygiene and social distancing.

-As long as the population behaves properly, even if there will be new Corona-infected, there is no risk that it will cause a new wave of infected, he says about reopening the country to tourists.

Health Director Moshe Bar Siman-Tov insists the measures taken by Israel have been absolutely necessary. He believes that without them, Israel could have ended up in the same situation as Belgium, which has only a slightly larger population than Israel, but still has over 7,000 dead as a result of Corona. Siman-Tov believes that hundreds of thousands of Israelis could have become ill, over 10,000 on a respirator and thousands could have died without the strict restrictions.

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