• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Israeli student had the best apology in the world: -The wild boar ate my homework!


An Israeli boy was recently out for what can be said to be the world’s best excuse for not doing homework. A wild boar has simply eaten the boy’s homework! Fortunately, the boy had a video clip as evidence and his father thinks the episode was quite funny, writes ISRAEL21c.

Israeli basketball player Ido Kozikaro recently posted a video clip on Facebook. The video shows a wild boar eating the contents of his son’s school bag to the great cheers of his son and friends.

Watch the funny clips here:


– When the boy comes home from school and says he does not have homework because a wild boar has eaten his bag and you do not believe it, Kozikaro wrote on Facebook.

– We had ordered pizza, the wild boar ate our pizza, it also ate my bag and my sweatshirt, the boy said in the video clip.

Incredibly, it happened at the entrance to the boy’s school. This is not the first time wild boars have left nature to enter the city, in recent months the city’s residents have seen wild boars on roads, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, backyards and in private swimming pools.

It is believed that the stray wild boars in the city streets are due to the breeding season and not the Corona closure which meant empty streets.

In the past, Haifa municipality used hunters to keep the wild boar population down. Now the hunters have been replaced by volunteers who try to get the wild boars to leave the city and fasten the rubbish bin so that the wild boars do not overturn them to eat the waste.

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