• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Heavy rain during the last days of 2019 caused the water level in Israel’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Gennesaret, to rise by 20 centimeters, writes the Times of Israel.

The rain is very welcome after several years of unusual drought in northern Israel, which meant that the water level in the lake had reached the pain threshold.

But the heavy rain, which in some places came in record amounts, has also caused floods and accidents. Two people were killed when they were taken by the floods after several rivers crossed their banks.

While it has been raining heavily in the north, only a moderate amount of rain has fallen in central and southern Israel.

On Mount Hermon in the north, the rain came as snow.

On Mount Hermon, where Israel’s only ski resort is located, large amounts of snow have fallen. (Photo: Mount Hermon Ski Resort)

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