• Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Tel Aviv is phasing out the use of disposable plastic in kindergartens and schools


Kindergarten children and students from 0th to 3rd grade, who stay at the school for lunch, need to eat off and with regular service. The kindergartens must, as something new, also have dishwashers installed, writes Times of Israel.

Ca. 20,000 kindergarten children and students from 0th to 3rd grade in Tel Aviv – Yafo, who stay at their schools for lunch, will be given cutlery, cups and plate cores that can be recycled before the end of the year. It is part of limiting the use of disposable plastic in the local education sector.

All kindergartens will also have dishwashers installed so that staff do not drown in dishes.

The company responsible for serving hot food and providing activities after the end of the school day will also arrange contracts with suppliers who guarantee that the food is delivered in stainless steel containers – to minimize the use of plastic.

-It’s a radical move that has taken several months to prepare. The initiative has required cooperation and coordination between many agencies, such as the education sector and the health sector, to guarantee a safe and healthy solution for the children without having to overburden the staff in institutions and schools with dishes, said Deputy Mayor Tzipi Brand.

-In addition to the goal of improving the environment, the goal of the initiative is also to promote awareness of environmental initiatives. Our children are concerned about the world of the future – the world in which they will grow up, Brand added.

Shirli Rimon, head of the education sector in Tel Aviv – Yafo, said that the project is one of many that will promote sustainability in the city.

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