• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem is sending aid to injured animals in Australia


The Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem will provide money and medical equipment to help millions of animals injured in the huge forest fires that have ravaged Australia for weeks, writes Yedioth Ahronoth.

The fires have destroyed over 80,000 square kilometers of land, an area the size of Austria. 27 people have died, thousands of buildings have been destroyed and several communities have gone up in flames.

Wildlife is also hard hit by fires. About 500 million animals, several of them endangered species have died in the fires. In addition, hundreds of millions of animals have been injured, says the organization Zoos Victoria.

Therefore, the Jerusalem Zoo will donate veterinary equipment, including creams for burns, milk replacers, wound sprays and other aids. They also organize a fundraiser to send money to Australia.

The huge fires in Australia are the largest in the country since 1974, when over 100,000 square kilometers burned up. But the fires that are now raging are far from being under control. In addition, this year’s fire season is only about halfway through, and there are probably two more months with fires waiting.

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