• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

A survey commissioned by the Conference of European Rabbis shows that 49% of Israelis are afraid of being met with anti-Semitism when traveling abroad. 502 Israelis have taken part in the study, which was about the increased anti-Semitism in Europe, writes the newspaper Israel Hayom.

The survey also showed that 71% of Israelis believe that European Jews are not safe in their homeland. Only 29% think European Jews are safe.

Almost all Israelis – as many as 91% – believe that European Jews should make aliyah – emigrate to Israel. Only 9% think European Jews should stay where they are. Just as many of the respondents – 91% – answer that the anti-Semitic incidents in Europe are a matter that concerns them.

When asked if the Israeli government does enough for European Jews, only 22% answered that they think Jerusalem does enough. 48% thought that European Jews got some help while 30% thought that not enough was done.

– The anti-Semitic incidents across Europe are intolerable and a painful reminder of the dark events of the last century. They attack Europe’s freedom and values, says Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of the Conference of European Rabbis and Chief Rabbis in Moscow, who hopes the situation of Jews in Europe will receive attention in the Israeli election campaign.

– I urge the Israeli government and the candidates who are running for election to consolidate a broad strategy to come up with an action plan.

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