• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Nordic politician arrested for sabotage at Gaza border


Finnish MP Anna Kontula (42) was detained on Monday, January 13, along with four other people after trying to cut through the border between Israel and Gaza, writes the Helsinki Times.

The group of five was part of a campaign called Gaza 2020 Breaking the Siege Group. According to Kontula, the purpose of the action was to raise awareness of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

The politician from the socialist party Vänsterförbundet was detained for ten hours by Israeli authorities, but was later released. Kontula says she also wanted to focus on the arms trade between Finland and Israel.

The barrier that Israel has built along the border with Gaza must prevent terrorists from entering Israel. In recent years, armed terrorists have repeatedly tried to cross the border fence to carry out terror in Israel.

Incidentally, Israel is also building a new security barrier along the border with Gaza. Among other things, it must prevent terrorists from digging tunnels below the border to infiltrate Israel. The fence costs about 3 million shekels.

The daily traffic in and out of the Gaza Strip passes through the five border crossings between Gaza and Israel and Egypt. Hundreds of trucks of goods are shipped from Israel to Gaza every day.

In addition, thousands of Palestinians from Gaza cross the border daily to work in Israel.

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