• Mon. May 16th, 2022

In the autumn of 2019, IMPACT-se, an institute that examines several countries’ school curricula against UNESCO’s standards for peace and tolerance in education, was able to show that new Palestinian textbooks are much more extreme than before. Violence, martyrdom and jihad are themes throughout all twelve years of Palestinian primary schooling. Infinitum News translated 44 examples into Norwegian and Danish that documented it.

When the Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, saw the contents of the Palestinian textbooks, the conclusion was clear: “Norway supports the school curriculum that promotes jihad”. “Palestinian textbooks oppose peace,” the newspaper concluded in an editorial. On 5 December, a majority in the Norwegian Storting asked the government to reduce or withhold financial support for the PA if they do not ensure satisfactory improvements in school supplies within a reasonable time.

Now the European Parliament is also following Norway. May 14. In 2020, European parliamentarians adopted a strong critical warning against Palestinian textbooks.

The European Parliament “is concerned about the problematic content of Palestinian textbooks which have not yet been removed and is concerned about the continuing lack of effective action against hate speech and textbook violence”. The EU demands that their funding of the Palestinian school system comply with UNESCO’s standards of peace, tolerance, coexistence and non-violence.

The resolution point with concrete criticism of Palestinian textbooks was supported by 402 parliamentarians. 263 voted against and 13 abstained, according to a news release from the organization IMPACT-se.

The European Parliament also adopted a call on the European Commission to ensure that EU funding is given exclusively to school textbooks and teaching materials that “reflect common values ​​and fully comply with UNESCO standards to promote peace, tolerance and coexistence in school education”. This resolution was supported by 551 parliamentarians. 105 voted against and 24 abstained.

In the Norwegian decision of December, an ongoing review of Palestinian textbooks carried out by the Georg Eckert Institute on behalf of the EU was mentioned. The majority asked “the government to return to the Storting with a feedback on the results after the investigation by the Georg Eckert Institute”

Now Marcus Sheff, head of IMPACT-se, reports that the European Commission refuses to publish the Georg Eckert report.

– It’s very suspicious, Sheff says.

It is necessary that the Georg Eckert report be presented to the Storting as soon as possible, so that the Storting politicians can follow up on the resolution from December. The majority in the Storting cannot accept that the contents of the report be kept secret.

When will Denmark follow in Norway’s footsteps?
Palestinian curriculum and education are financed by your tax money. Like Norway, Denmark provides large sums of aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

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