• Mon. May 16th, 2022

The European Union has told the Palestinian Authority (PA) that the coffers are closed until Ramallah accepts the tax revenues that Israel has recovered on their behalf, the newspaper The Algemeiner writes.

In May, PA leader and president Mahmoud Abbas refused to accept tax revenues collected on their behalf by Israel. The PA had previously decided to stop any cooperation with Israel, due to plans to extend Israeli law to parts of Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Therefore, since May, PA has refused to accept an amount which is now around 750 million. dollars in tax revenue. In 2019, Infinitum News wrote that Israel is recovering around 170 million. dollars a month on behalf of PA – read MIFF’s article on this.
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Although the standardization agreements between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the Bharain also included a temporary suspension of Israel’s plans to extend Israeli law to parts of the West Bank, it has not changed Abbas’ decision not to cooperate with Israel. Read MIFF’s articles on the Abrahamic Agreements here.

The EU’s head of foreign policy, Josef Borrell, called Abbas last week and announced that the EU would not disburse more loans or provide more financial support as long as the PA does not accept the tax revenues that Israel has collected on their behalf. Borrell called on Abbas to resume security and civilian coordination with Israel, but Abbas would not commit to that, according to the Axios report, citing unnamed European diplomats.

Egypt and Jordan have also asked Abbas to receive their own tax revenues from Israel, according to Axios, referring to unnamed Israeli officials. Read the MIFF article: Arab countries have sharply cut back on financial support for the Palestinians.

According to the report, Abbas is betting that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will win the upcoming US presidential election in November and a changed PA policy based on Biden’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which includes calling for a two-state solution. . Read MIFF’s article on why a victory for Biden will be bad news for Israel.

Biden has promised to resume US aid to the Palestinians in accordance with the Taylor Force Act, signed by US President Trump in 2018. President Donald Trump has stopped most US aid to the PA, due to PA pay salaries to convicted terrorists and their families – read MIFF’s articles on how Danish aid is misused to pay large sums to convicted terrorists with Israeli lives on the conscience here. Trump has stopped other US aid to the Palestinians, including UNRWA – read MIFF’s articles on why UNRWA has become part of the problem instead of part of the solution, as well as abuses and scandals in UNRWA. Read MIFF’s article on weapons storage at UNRWA powered schools. Read MIFF’s article on how the Danes’ increased contribution to UNRWA is being abused. Trump has also stopped US agencies for international development projects in the West Bank and Gaza. Read MIFF’s article in Norwegian: If the Palestinians do not stop the reward of terrorists, the United States will stop aid.

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