• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

For many years, Israel has used its innovative capabilities to solve several of the world’s biggest challenges. All over the world, Israeli technology is being used to deal with humanitarian crises and to promote social development. Especially when it comes to access to clean drinking water, Israeli technology has made a huge contribution.

Now the Israeli company Watergen has launched a pilot project in the Abasan al-Kabira neighborhood in the Gaza Strip, to solve the challenge of access to clean drinking water in the Palestinian enclave, writes the Jerusalem Post.

A coastal groundwater reservoir is Gaza’s main source of water, but this source has been destroyed in recent decades due to over-extraction. As a result of pollution, over 90 percent of the source is unsuitable for drinking water. Citizens are thus dependent on expensive alternatives such as bottled water.

Watergen’s solution is simple: it traps moisture and converts air into clean drinking water through an atmospheric water generator (AWG). Such a machine can produce up to 800 liters of clean drinking water a day. All it needs is access to power. The machine also comes with a solar panel.

Watergen can produce up to 800 liters of clean drinking water per day. All it needs is access to power or solar panel.

The water machine converts air into water using a series of filters that purify the air. Once the air is sucked into the machine, it is cooled. The moisture that arises is treated and converted into clean drinking water. The machine uses a plastic heat exchanger instead of aluminum, which helps to significantly reduce production costs. Therefore, it becomes a profitable alternative.

The implementation of the machine is a collaboration between Watergen, the Israeli Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, the Palestinian organization Damour for Community Development and the city of Abasan al-Kabira.

“In line with our belief that every person, regardless of race, gender or religion, has a fundamental right to clean drinking water, we want to help some of Israel’s neighbors with access to fresh water, a resource that is lacking in Gaza , “writes the Israeli company Watergen in a press release.

The Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA) ensured that the machine was delivered from Israel to Gaza through the Kerem Shalom border crossing. CLA says they want to contribute to improving the water situation in Gaza.

Last year, the state-owned Israeli water company Mekorot dug a new pipe from Israel to increase the supply of clean drinking water to the Gaza Strip.

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