• Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

At the time of writing, there are 1238 Corona infected in Israel. That’s an increase of 135 people since Sunday. In 24, the condition is serious and moderate in 34, writes Times of Israel.

Over the past 24 hours, over 5,000 people have been tested for Corona in Israel. So far, one person has died from Corona in Israel, 88-year-old Aryeh Even who was a Holocaust survivor.

On Thursday, Benjamin Netanyahu announced that new and stricter measures would be introduced to limit the spread of Corona. Thereafter, it was forbidden to leave one’s own home unless it is to go shopping, go to work in socially important jobs and get other exceptions. Nevertheless, the country is now considering even stricter measures against Corona.

-My fear is what will happen in a week or two, says Security Minister Gilad Erdan, who has called for even stricter measures.

-A week ago, I expressed my opinion that we were to have a total shutdown for two weeks, with much stricter enforcement. The number of opportunities to leave the home [under such a scenario] will be far more limited than today, the Minister of Security explains.

The Israeli curfew began on Sunday evening at 8 pm It will initially apply for seven days, but it can be extended. In addition to buying food, visiting the doctor and going to work in socially critical jobs, one can also go out to exercise, go for a short walk near the home and other exceptions.

Among other things, it is allowed to participate in demonstrations, attend weddings and funerals (max. ten people) and religious events. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says this can be tightened further.

The Ministry of Health says that if Israelis stay indoors, they will be able to start seeing the result in the number of infected people within 10 days.

-Hopefully, self-insulation will flatten the curve significantly, says Dr. Boaz Lev. Israeli health workers urge people to stay home:

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