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Before the Corona crisis broke out, Infinitum News repeatedly documented increasing anti-semitism in Denmark:

On 26 February 2020, MIFF wrote: Anti-Semitism increases in Denmark – Our politicians have a co-responsibility. It doesn’t matter what our politicians say or believe. The lead policy is also reflected in the population.
The Corona crisis has hurt worse:
MIFF has collected crude anti-Israelk propaganda prior to the Prime Minister’s Corona meeting With Netanyahu. The Left and Danish Palestinian Friendship Association (DPV) have got the coffee wrong in the neck that the prime minister will have close corona cooperation with Israel. Infinitum News has collected several examples of raw anti-Israeli propaganda.

Israel’s voice has been censored in many cases out of the Danish media.

Israel’s Embassy does not get the word in Danish media:

MIFF gives Israel’s ViceAmbassador The word denied by politiken. MIFF brings Israel’s ViceAmbassador, Davy Antebis Raw Anti-Israeli Propaganda in Politiken.
Danish media does not tell Danes about Passport abuse of Danish assistance to terrorist rewards:
Palestinian authorities gave at least $ 1 billion in reward to terrorists. Here are the figures that the Palestinian authorities (PA) have attempted to hide. See how much money you have helped pay to terrorists with Israeli life on conscience.
Fortunately, there are also exceptions. Today, chairman of the Joint Committee of Israel, Henrik Chievitz, a post in Jyllands-Posten.
Here’s post:

When prejudice stands in the way of Corona Combating

I have followed the media coverage of the Corona situation In Israel and Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s visit to Israel – including B.La Left’s unilateral criticism of the state of Israel.
First thank you to Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to be visionary, take responsibility, seek knowledge and cooperation, where It is strongest.

I am very amazed at the negative coverage of the Democratic state Israel and their way of dealing with Corona. The criticism of B.La media and politicians is steeped in negative statements / coverage Although there are many positive things to write about.

The cover is in my view characterized by a negative biased approach where facts and historical knowledge are often set Out of games – Unfortunately important tools that are often missing when Israel gets focus.

Nuition of the debate is needed – We must remember that the Palestinians have a self-government and themselves are responsible for their population. Not so long ago, the Palestinian Health Minister stated that Self-Government in early March will receive two million doses of vaccine outside Israel and added that it “has always been supposed.”

both in the West Bank and in Gaza If they do not want / manage to cooperate with the Jewish state, Hamas in Gaza want Israel removed from the map and often attacks civilian population in Israel and encourages their population to terrorist attacks and killings.

An important point is Also that the Self-Government in the West Bank uses 360 million. $ (just over DKK 2 billion) to support terrorists who sit in prison and their families. Money that can be used to buy vaccines and would range to vaccinate all 5 million. Citizens of Gaza and in the West Bank twice. But the Self-Government has taken a deliberate choice to support convicted terrorists and their families rather than the fight against Corona.

out of 9.3 million Israeli citizens represent Muslims, Christians and grapes 1.9 million, which corresponds to 21 , 1% of the population, which will be vaccinated exactly as the Jewish fellow citizens. So the term “vaccine-apartheid” is horrible and, in my opinion, adjacent to anti-Semitic remark.

The Palestinians in the West Bank and in Gaza do not “land Israel” – it is self-governmental areas that are laid out in relation to Land for peace – There has never been a Palestinian state and therefore Israel is not an occupying power
. According to the Oslo agreements, the West Bank and Gaza themselves are responsible for their population health – also under a pandemic.

Many politicians and media forget to tell that Israel actually offered their help for PA but was declined.
The criticism aimed at Israel should, in my opinion, be addressed to the leaders of the Palestinian autonomy (PA) who abuse their population to promote their political agenda against Israel.

Time pointing Palestinian management In Israel as the guilty of everything – instead of taking responsibility for their own population and acting as a responsible management that sets their population woe and well in front. Instead, they use their population as weapons against Israel.

The media and left wing politicians are unfortunately exempting the Palestinian autonomy for the responsibility for their population and future, and thus they help to do so yet difficult to reach to a two-state solution.

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