• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

Fear coronavirus has come to Israel


A Chinese worker working in Israel has been quarantined at a Barzilai hospital for fear of being infected with the new and deadly flu-like virus that has spread from China. So far, 76 people have died in China and over 2,500 people have been infected. The virus has also spread to other parts of the world, writes the Times of Israel.

Chezy Levy, medical director at Barzilai Medical Center, says the patient has not been confirmed infected with the coronavirus and is asking Israelis to avoid panic. He says the medical staff is taking all necessary precautions.

An Israeli woman in her 60s who recently returned from a trip to China is hospitalized in complete isolation due to concerns that she was infected with the virus. The virus has not been detected in her either.

In addition to the last two patients, four other people have also been treated in Israeli hospitals on suspicion of being infected, but tests showed that none of the four were infected.

The Israeli Ministry of Health advises Israelis not to travel to China unless necessary. The Israeli airline El Al, which flies directly to Beijing and Hong Kong, is offering all its customers a free change of flight for the next two weeks.

As of Monday, January 27, all organized trips from China to Israel were canceled, but Chinese can continue to visit Israel as individuals.

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