• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Has passed 600 Corona deaths in Israel


On Sunday, Israeli authorities adopted new Corona restrictions, while also extending existing restrictions, in an attempt to curb the infection. It happens at the same time as the death toll exceeds 600, writes Times of Israel.

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The new restrictions mean, among other things, that a maximum of 20 people may gather outside and a maximum of 10 in enclosed spaces. There must be a maximum of three passengers in cars and in shops there must be a maximum of one customer in the room per seven square meters.

Companies must not serve customers who do not have a mask / mouthpiece on, customers must have measured temperature before they can enter the room and companies must make sure to put up information signs. Eating out at markets and shopping malls is closing. If you order take-away, the food must be put outside the door.

The new restrictions are bad news for many businesses, bars, nightclubs, water parks, rental rooms and much more that will remain closed.

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But the government also came up with a plan to reopen theaters, symphonies and cultural events. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the plan, which divides outdoor areas into “capsules” with room for 20 people in each, will be implemented soon.

An indoor event plan will be on the horizon in the coming weeks.

Corona deaths are expected to rise further in the future.

393 people have been admitted in serious condition and 118 people have been placed on a respirator.

Several hospitals in Israel are full to bursting point and cannot accommodate more patients.

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