• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Shortly after the Prime Minister and Federal Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz held Corona collaboration meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, Mette Frederiksen raised the main points of the three countries’ plans for how they will come the pandemic for life, writes DR.

Here are the main points of the prime minister’s press conference March 4 in Jerusalem:

– The Minister of Prime Minister expects the Danes in the future to be vaccinated each year. Therefore, Mette Frederiksen believes that it is advisory that “we do not throat,” she says.

– The plan is that cooperation between Denmark, Austria and Israel must ensure citizens faster access to multiple vaccines than at present.

– There is already initiated collaboration on tests and sequencing so that Danamark via larger test capacity could open society faster.

– In the course of next few days, plans for a joint research fund will also be presented.

– Frederiksen, Kurz and Netanyahu want to contribute to collaboration with local vaccine production – it will be worked more on going forward.

– Denmark, Austria and Israel have given each other “a mental handshake” that they will work further in creating vaccine production capacity.

Read more about the press conference here.

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