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As early as January 2020, Infinitum News was able to report on the Israeli start-up company Sonovia, which wanted to stop the spread of Corona using unique textiles – read MIFF’s article HERE.

Here’s what the technology leader of Sonovia said in 2020:

“We are witnessing an epidemic and we can help prevent the virus from spreading,” said Liat Goldhammer-Steinberg, chief technology officer at Sonovia, an Israeli company whose technology is based on a sonochemical process developed at Bar-Ilan University. .

Sonovia has developed an almost permanent ultrasonic textile treatment technology for the mechanical impregnation of zinc oxide nanoparticles in textiles.

– The technology is based on the physical phenomenon of cavitation. Sound waves are used to physically add desired chemicals on top of the material’s structural area. Clinical trials have shown that the material’s antiviral and antibacterial properties are improved, explains Jason Migdal, head of the company’s development department.
Sonovia mouthpieces are sold worldwide – See more HERE .

Since the beginning of 2020, a lot has happened with both Corona distribution and Sonovia’s special technology. Here’s a little about how it all started:

Sonovia was founded in 2013 after more than 10 years of research at Bar Ilan University and a 4-year EU-funded research project in the fight against infections that occur in hospitals.

Sonovia’s revolutionary sono-based technology embeds nano-particles with desired properties in textiles. This creates a durable textile with very special properties which are preserved by industrial and home washing.

Sonpia’s innovative technology solutions enhance textiles with various long-lasting properties – for example, active built-in protection against viruses, bacteria, fungi and odors with a documented neutralizing protection of over 99% through an environmentally friendly process.

Sonpia collaborates with several sectors, such as the clothing industry, the automotive industry and pharmaceutical companies, on the supply of textiles for different needs.

Sonpia’s chemical formulations are water based and do not use chemical binders or other harmful materials. Sonovia also emphasizes the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly chemicals and the textiles are both safe to use and environmentally friendly – read more about Sonovia HERE.

The technology in Sonovia bandages
Zinc oxide and zinc salts have been shown to be very effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses in in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies.

Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain what causes cell membrane damage, proteins that cause apoptosis – read more HERE. The most dominant of them consists in the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) – for example hydroxyl radicals, superoxides and hydrogen peroxide which have a great influence on the bacterial cell membrane. Due to the non-specific mechanism of action, broad activity is observed without any object of resistant organism.

As for Sonovia’s mouthpiece, according to the company, it is more relevant that it is not important that zinc oxide nanoparticles penetrate the microbial cell to eliminate bacteria, Covid 19 and Sars viruses. Based on those assumptions, Sonovia’s vice president and head of research and development, Dr. Aaron Garzon, convinced that Sonovia’s mouthpiece will also provide effective protection against Corona mutations – both those we see now and those that may occur in the future

In 2020, Sonovia Genesis won the award for their efforts in the global fight against Corona:

– We accept the Genesis Award for 2020 with great humility for our work to make a positive difference in a difficult time.

– When the WHO declared that there was a world pandemic, we decided already in January 2020 to put all our efforts and resources into the work. Since 2013, we have been researching and working on developing a face mask that has been shown to protect both those who use it and their loved ones.

– Since Sonovia’s SonoMask has been trusted by over 200,000 customers, tens of thousands of masks have been donated to communities worldwide. All proceeds from this award have been donated to Elem – a local NGO that works for young people and raises awareness of their need.


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