• Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Israeli authorities decided on Thursday night to close the entire country. This means that Israelis are not allowed to leave their homes unless it is approved by the authorities for reasons, writes the Times of Israel.

– The government will tonight approve an emergency regulation which will restrict freedom of movement. You will be ordered to stay home. This is not a request, there is no recommendation, but a requirement that will be enforced. The purpose of this is to ensure that as few people as possible are infected and infect others, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during the press conference.

Israelis can still go out to buy food and medicine, they can go to the doctor if they have a time there and they can go to work if the job is defined as necessary for society. It will also be possible to take a short walk outside their own home, as long as one avoids other people. There are some other exceptions as well. Apart from this, everyone should stay indoors in the future.

-Two days ago I asked you to stay home. You responded to that, but not enough, Netanyahu said after Israeli media reported that many spent their free time walking on the beach and in public parks.

At the time of writing, almost 700 people have been infected with Corona in Israel. Despite the authorities’ far-reaching initiatives to stop the spread, the number of infected people is increasing daily. In fact, curfews are now being introduced.

-The number of patients is rising daily. No one has died yet, but unfortunately it will not last. There are likely to be many casualties, “Bibi said.”

The ban on leaving home will initially last for seven days. It is not yet known what punishment those who violate the curfew will receive, but there is talk of imposing fines.

-This is a step that has never been taken since the creation of the state of Israel, Netanyahu said, adding that the country has never before faced anything reminiscent of Corona.

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