• Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

The Israeli Institute of Biological Research will begin testing the Corona vaccine on humans in October, the Israeli Ministry of Defense said. It writes the newspaper Jerusalem Post.

Secretary of Defense Benny Gantz visited the institute on Thursday to hear about their progress with the vaccine.

– Testing of the vaccine on humans is expected to begin after the Tishrei holidays (read more about the holidays here). I would like to thank the Department of Defense and the Department for their amazing work. The test process will take place in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and in accordance with all requirements for medical safety.

– Half a year ago, we began the process of developing the vaccine. Now we have developed an excellent vaccine. We will start safety and efficiency tests after the coming holidays, but we have a product in hand, says Professor Shmuel Shapira.

In June, researchers from the institute reported on successful experiments on hamsters.

The potential Israeli vaccine is based on a well-known vaccination method, the institute says in a report to the public. But the new thing is the use of a VSV virus – a type of virus that causes diseases in humans.

Through genetic engineering, proteins bind to the VSV virus to form Corona “crowns” that can be identified by the body as Corona, causing the body to produce antibodies.

According to the report, all hamsters that received the vaccine and then became infected with Corona did not get sick.

The institute has already filed patent applications for eight types of Corona antibodies which they have isolated to be used for the development of a future drug for the treatment of Corona.

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