• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Israeli vaccine may solve coronavirus crisis


Israeli researchers who have developed an effective vaccine against a strain from the coronavirus family say it may be adaptable to the new coronavirus, writes Israel Hayom.

The researchers have developed the vaccine over four years at MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute to protect poultry from airborne infection in the bronchi. The researchers warn that it may take several months before the vaccine is ready. This is partly because the vaccine must first be tested for human safety.

“We will try security checks within 90 days,” said David Zigdon, the institute’s executive director on Thursday.

Coronavirus has already had serious consequences in Israel. Read MIFF’s articles below:

Officials fear spreading Fake News about coronavirus could deter voters from going to the polls. Several Israelis are in home isolation on suspicion of infection.

As the first country in the world, Israel advises against all travel abroad due to fear of coronavirus.

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