• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Israel has reached a milestone after they have corona vaccinated over half of the country’s population over 16, says Israel’s health ministry. At the same time, it falls the daily infection, writes Times of Israel.

The infection is now 1.3%, the lowest since June 2020, a week ago it was 2%, the week before it was 3%. The infestation has fallen since January where the infection was 10%

The reproductive number of the virus (s) has also fallen – ie. The average number of people as each infected person infect. R has now fallen to 0.55, Nar R fall below 1 means that the infection is decreasing.

for comparison, Here are the latest corona figures from Denmark, the contact talet is 1.1 and is increasing. Source: Dr.dk – click here


Another happy news from Israel is that there are no signs that the dreaded vaccine resistant mutations are in the country. An Israeli study shows that none of the mutations detected in Israel are resistant to the Pfizer vaccine, I24 News write.

5.227,689 Israelis have received first vaccine stick, corresponding to almost 60% of the population, 4,739,694 people, corresponding to more than half of the adult Israeli population are finished vaccinated. Israel has offered the vaccine to all Israelis over 16 years.

– We have finished vaccinated over 50% of our inhabitants. Thanks to them overcome Israel Corona, says Healthminister Yuli Edelstein.

Read about the Israeli company: Starter production of corona nasal spray. The manufacturer says that nasal spray is 99.9% effective and will save lives.

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