• Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

Over 450,000 new applications for unemployment benefits in March


During March, Israel’s employment services received more than 450,000 applications for unemployment benefits as a result of the Corona crisis, writes i24News.

Registrations are received from 6,000 new unemployed per hour. On Sunday, employment services will begin transferring 100,000 applications to Bituah Leumi (Social Security) per day so that applicants can receive their unemployment benefits.

The Associate Director-General of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Itamar Grotto, told Ynet on Friday that “we expect an increase in the number of infected”. At the time of writing, the number of infected in Israel is 705.

-In Italy, the death toll from Corona has risen dramatically. We try to prevent the same thing from happening here and I think we can avoid it if the public cooperates with us, says Grotto.

-I do not say that we can completely stop the spread and we expect to get many patients and serious cases and unfortunately also deaths, but as long as we maintain our policies – the number of cases will decrease, says Grotto.

Read more about Israel’s drastic initiatives to keep the spread of infection down here.

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