• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

In his interview with the newspaper Alting, used ambassador, Manuel Hassassian words such as: “disgusting”, “unacceptable” and “abominable” that the prime minister wants a closer Corona cooperation with Israel.
Further said Ambassador :

– She is selfish. She tries to take over the vaccines to the Danes and lets the Palestinians die from Corona.

– I see the decision as a backing for apartheid rather than balancing in the middle, where Denmark has always been known to fight for human rights and play an international humanitarian role,
– it reflects that the Danish Government is pro-Israel.

Everything did not ask the Ambassador comments increasing dissatisfaction in Palestinian society over the vaccine distribution –

Palestinian organizations require transparency on vaccine distribution. They accuse Palestinian leaders to sneak around the vaccine queue. Read more.

Althing did not ask the Ambassador’s comment on the $ 1 billion as the Palestinian authorities (PA) used in 2020 on terror rewarding – read more about this.
where Many vaccines do you guess that PA could have purchased for the Palestinians for $ 1 billion?
See clip with ambassador here:


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