• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Twice as many healthy as sick


The number of people recovering from Corona infection is now twice as high as the number of patients. Almost 11,000 are now healthy, while just over 5,200 are still ill. It is reported by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

On April 1, for the first time since the onset of the Corona outbreak, there were more healthy than sick people in Israel. A little over a week later, there were twice as many healthy as well as sick. It shows how fast the positive development is going.

On Thursday, only one new death was registered as a result of Corona, writes the Jerusalem Post.

At the time of writing, 245 people have died of Corona in Israel.

Currently, more than 230 people are hospitalized. 64 people are on a respirator. The number of hospitalized and new infections is steadily declining.

The sharp drop in new cases of infection and hospitalizations has led to Israel reopening large parts of the country. Shopping malls, markets and fitness centers have been allowed to reopen, but strict measures have been taken to prevent the spread of infection. The schools have also opened and from next week there will also be a gradual opening of kindergarten classes and kindergartens.

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