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Heavenly days give the microphone to a conspiracy man who wants to bury Israel

From the 30th of May to the 2nd of June there are “Heavenly Days on the Heath”. “A popular meeting place and a festival where services, concerts, debate meetings and city walks are mixed with church, community and culture” – this is the presentation on the website. At this year’s festival in Herning, it will also be mixed with a large dose of anti-Zionism and conspiracy theories.

Heavenly Days has invited Mitri Raheb – a prominent Lutheran Palestinian. “Public figure, priest, theologian, author and social entrepreneur” – this is how he presents himself on his website. But not everything is as harmless and toothless as it seems.

Raheb recognizes the Islamist terrorist movement Hamas as a “political movement that plays an important role”. “The church is in constant contact with Hamas in the West Bank through many delegations from the church. Some people in the church believe in armed resistance and we do not disagree,” Raheb told the Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm in March 2016. >

Raheb continued with a personal reservation, renouncing jihadist violence, not because it is wrong, but because he believes it is ineffective.

“Personally, I do not believe in armed violence. How would you fight an enemy with weapons made by him and his allies? If your enemy is a boxer, it’s a good idea to invite him to a game of chess instead of a boxing match, “said Raheb.

The Lutheran theologian’s “chess tricks” against Israel include boycott, lies, and conspiracy theories. He was present both in 2004, when the Presbyterian Church and in 2015, when the United Church of Christ adopted a boycott against Israel.

In 2010, Raheb claimed of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that: “Netanyahu comes from an Eastern European tribe that converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages.” At the same time, he claimed that today’s Palestinians in Bethlehem have a DNA relationship with King David and Jesus.

“Raheb uses racial theory to support his belief that the Jews are not the true people of the land of Israel,” commented author Tricia Miller.

“The idea that Jews of European descent are not true Jews is an old anti-Semitic fabrication used to delegitimize the connection between modern Jews, their Israelite ancestors and their historical connection to the land of Israel,” she continues .

The same thought pattern is also found in other of Raheb’s statements. In 2014, he claimed that “the Palestinian Church was active before any other church in the world”. The bishop should check whether Peter, James, and John recognize themselves in that description of reality.

Raheb argued in the same speech that the Zionists “planned to dominate not only Palestine but also several other countries such as Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt.”

In an article titled “Mitri Raheb’s Dark Side” from July 21, 2017, Dexter Van Zile summarizes Raheb’s business. The Palestinians’ “main message to Christians is that Jewish self-understanding is the underlying cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and that jihad violence that has cost so many Christians, Jews and Muslims their lives – has no roots in Islamic teaching and history, but only is a response to the political repression of Arab dictators ».

“Raheb is not a peacemaker, as his followers believe, but a Christian anti-Zionist who digs into the Bible for expressions he can use to delegitimize Israel,” Van Zile concludes.

On Friday, May 24, Raheb was interviewed by Kristeligt Dagblad: “Mitri Raheb believes that Jesus and the whole message of the Bible clearly speaks against today’s Israel. The Bible’s story is basically a story about the occupied Palestinian people,” the journalist sums up , Nikolaj Krak. We assume that most readers will be able to do a fact check on the latter on their own.

Information about Mitri Raheb from the article in Kristeligt Dagblad: “Born in 1962 and pastor of the Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem. Is the leader of the Diyar Lutheran institution in Bethlehem, which is a cultural center, school, health center and art academy, and employs over 100 people.

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