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Germany allocates over four billion kroner to Holocaust survivors

Oct 20, 2020

Germany will allocate more than four billion kroner to help Holocaust survivors survive the Corona crisis, writes the newspaper Jerusalem Post.

The Holocaust survivors will receive assistance over two disbursements over the next two years, which is approx. 240,000 survivors worldwide – especially in Israel, the United States and Western Europe.

According to Israeli authorities, 1,300 Holocaust survivors die in Israel every month. Read MIFF’s article: Israel marked Holocaust Remembrance Day in the shadow of Corona.

The two grants of about 9,000 kroner each (equivalent to about 4,500 shekels) will generally go to Jews who do not already receive financial support from Germany earmarked the victims of the Nazis.

It is always hard to visit the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem and the tears flow freely every time. During my most recent visit to the museum, an extension dedicated to the 1.5 million Jewish children murdered by the Nazis had been built. All the children’s names are read out through the loudspeaker as you walk around in there – that way they live on in our consciousness. Yehi Sichram baruch – honor be their memory. (Photo: Rika Greenberg)

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