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Today, the Holocaust Memorial Day is marked in Israel and it is imperative to remember the 6 million Jews who became victims of the worst-case bulk change ever. Those who were fortunate to survive the atrocities, survived only physically – mentally, the broken victims who have lost everything. In a few years there will be no more survivors back to remind us what anti-Semitism can lead to. Also read: The memory of the Holocaust is blurred in line with the last survivors and witnesses to the ultimate evil of anti-Semitism, we must never forget Holocaust, but it is not enough that we say ‘never again’ in choir. Today we are facing increasing global anti-Semitism and the problem has only become larger under the Corona crisis. Therefore, we all have a shared responsibility to stand up against anti-Semitism, no matter where or how it shows his ugly face.

MIFF has for a long time documented that anti-Semitism lives in the best of well – also in Denmark. The Jewish community in Denmark has for several years be warned that anti-Semitism does not belong to the past, on the contrary. The security measures are continuously screwed by Jewish institutions, synagogue and the Jewish school. In 1985, the synagogue among the goals such as terrorists would jump in the air – read more about the attack in Berlingske Tidende here.

In 2015, it culminated with the terrorist attack against synagogue in Copenhagen, here was the voluntary guard Dan Uzan shot and killed by the Palestinian terrorist Omar El Hussein – read about the terrorist attack here. It was subsequently proved that Jewish community had warned Danish authorities for the security measures for the safety measures, among other things, the synagogue was not sufficient, but they spoke for deaf ears. After the terrorist attack, the security was screwed up for safety. Today, Danish Jews becoming greeted by battle-dressed officers and military in synagogue, at school and other Jewish institutions. It is the Danish Jews’ living conditions in Denmark in 2021 – it is reasonable that Jews must hide behind bulletproof panes, rolled down curtains and machine guns in order to live a Jewish life in Denmark?

Dan Uzan. Photo: Private

massive security measures are symptom treatment
to stove Jewish children behind barbed wire, reinforced concrete, camera surveillance and battle-dressed officers are symptom treatment – not a solution. If the Danish government will really get the growing threat to Jewish life in Denmark for life, it is quite other means needed! Jews have lived in Denmark for 400 years, in 2022, Jewish community in Denmark will celebrate it is 400 years since the first Jews from Portugal and the Netherlands were invited to this by King Christian IV. The question is whether there will also be Jewish life in Denmark in 400 years or whether there are only Jewish funeral sites back?
Has Jewish life a future in Denmark?
in 2019 could Infinitum News tell about Anti Defamation League (ADL) International study of the attitude of Jews. ADL had investigated the Danes’ attitude to Jews in 2014, 2015 and 2019 – read more here. Although there only live about 6,000 Jews in Denmark, ADLS study showed a scary trend among the Danes:

1. Jews are more loyal to Israel than to [this country / to the countries they live in]. (41% of respondents)

2. Jews have too much power in business (19% of respondents)

3. Jews have too much power in the international financial markets (15% of respondents)

4. Jews still speak too much about what happened to them in Holocaust (28% of respondents)

5. Jews don’t care about what happens to others than their own (19%
of the respondents)

6. Jews have too much control over global affairs (10%
of the respondents)

7. Jews have too much control over the US government (21%
of the respondents)

. Jews believe they are better than other people (16% of respondents)

9. Jews too much control over the global media (8% of respondents)

10. Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars (6%
of the respondents)

11. People hate Jews because of the way Jews behave at (19%
of the respondents)

Increasing threat to Jews in Denmark
prejudice and ignorance of Jews spreads in Danish society and there is an increasing acceptance of discrimination against Jews and Israel. In Copenhagen, Jews are invited to hide their Jewish background to “avoid problems”. Read more about anti-Semitismherog the situation in Dandher.
Overview of selected incidents in Denmark:
Since the 1980s, there has been guarding in the field of synagogue in Copenhagen – the security measures were introduced on the basis of Pets “assessment of the world situation”.

In 1985, a group of Palestinians tried to blow up bombs in the synagogue, at the Jewish nursing home, the Israeli airline Elal’s office in Copenhagen and an American carrier.

One was killed and 22 was injured – the terrorists were arrested.

The Palestinian Terror group Force 17 who had base in Copenhagen in the latter half of the 1980s planned in collaboration with the PLO office in Copenhagen and Danish sympathizers murder of several well-known Danish Jews (for example, previous Overabin Bent Melchior and Herbert Pundik), the Israeli president during his visit to Denmark and several people in Norway. The murder plans were averted when PET monitored the group, writingdif.

According to DIF, research in 2008 showed that the Danish authorities, some politicians and parts of the press held her hand overclekingegadeband, Force 17 (and other terrorist groups), the PLO office in Copenhagen, the Danish sympathizers and their activities against the Danish Jews And others.

The 1990s were Jewish life in Denmark characterized by guarding by the synagogue, kindergarten, school, congregation center, Jewish and Israeli institutions, events and other things. Jews are harowned and there is vandalism against Jewish / Israeli symbols.

2000-2004 happened a sharp increase in anti-Semitism in Denmark. The period was characterized by anti-Israeli campaigns and one-sided criticism of Israel, anti-Semitic demonstrations and riots of Palestinians and Danes. There were also assaults on Jews, vandalism against Jewish property and today Jews cannot move or stay in some places in Denmark.

2006 – Anti-Semitic demonstrations in Copenhagen, organized by various Muslim organizations and the left – including the unit list.

2009 – Anti-Semitic demonstrations in Copenhagen, Aarhus and other cities. They used slogans as “all Jews must be slaughtered”, support declarations for Hamas, burning the Israeli flag and Palestinians who saluted with Nazihilsen. Politiken wrote articles, managers and drawings with anti-Semitic content.

2012, the Israeli Embassy in Copenhagen became attacked and tried destroyed – the official Denmark was silent.

2014 – Anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli demonstrations in Copenhagen and other cities. The period was characterized by great hostility to Jews and Israel – with support from some of the Danish media. Fortunately, there were also some demonstrations in favor of Israel, peace and against anti-Semitism, writes DIF.

2014, the caroline school was hit by extensive vandalism and antijodic graffiti on school walls. The army was condemned – the perpetrators were never found.

2015, Dan Uzan was killed by a terrorist attack when he was vigilant in synagogue in Krystalgade, where a Bat-Mitzvah (Jewish confirmation) was held. The murder was condemned by several pages – Read MIFF article on terroristrebether.

Since the terrorist attack In 2015, police have guarded a number of Jewish institutions around the clock.

2017 – A 16 year old girl (Muslim convert) and Former Syrien Leeks aimed to attack the Caroline school – read more owner.

2019 – The anniversary of crystal night, private homes and burial places were exposed to vandalism and harassment
tight toward Jews. 84 Tombstone on a Jewish burial ground in Randers was poured with paint or overturned. The yellow Jews with the word ‘Jude’ was pasted on one of the gravestones and on mailboxes with Jewish families and Israelis in Silkeborg, Aarhus, Randers, Queenlund and Vallensbæk. Jew star is a direct reference to the yellow Jews like the Nazis forced the Jews to wear during World War II. Jews in Sweden and Norway were also exposed to anti-Semitism. Read MIFF article about it who Skeen Horer.

EXAMPLES from 2020:
Questions for Danish Jew: – How many Palestinians have you lubricated on the food today? Danish Jew tells about the anti-Semitism She experiences in the daily.

Anne Sofie Allarp: – The Jewish minority is not in the postwar period so negative in the public. Selected circumcision comments on Simon Emil Ammitzbøll-Billes Wall: “Circumcision is gross violence,” “mutilation of children,” “abusive due to superstition,” “medieval,” “abusive their boys,” “they are not worth destroying Europe for,” “” Send them return, “” madness, “” smit them with corona. “

The Jewish community in Denmark fears anti-Semitism will become more violent. – The particularly insecure is that we go from a regular verbal discussion not to like Jews, the classic anti-Semitism, for violence, killing and attack. It has been intensified in the violent way, and it is a major problem, says chairman of the Jewish community in Denmark.

Read more about anti-Semitism in Denmark here.

We still wait for action plan against anti-Semitism in Denmark
after the terrorist attack against Synagogue 14 February 2015, promised the Danish government that there would be a handling plan against anti-Semitism, but 6 years later it has not yet come. It is a scandal that there is no political will to address the root of the problem. The Danish Jews are not served to wait for years to be heard and taken seriously. In December 2018, the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (from) published an investigation into the experience of European Jews with anti-Semitism. 41% of the Danish Jews surveyed replied that they hide Jewish symbols, 25% responded to people who have been exposed anti-Semitic harassment or assault in Denmark. 85% of European Jews believe anti-Semitism is the largest social problem we have and 89% believe the problem has grown over the past five years. Read the surveyher. It is a declaration of declaration for Danish Jew’s right to live a Jewish life without fear in Denmark. Danish Jews are forced to grow their religion behind barbed wire and armed police and military. We cannot be familiar with our Jewish fellow citizens. It is unacceptable that Danish Jews must fear to show their Jewish identity in the public space. There must political action to benefit anti-Semitism. Denmark could start by joining Sigihra’s work definition of what anti-Semitism is:

“Anti-Semitism is a particular perception of Jews that can be expressed as HAD to Jews. Verbal and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism aimed at Jews or non-Jews and / or their property and against Jewish cultural and religious institutions. “ [adopted by Ihra in Bucharest on May 26, 2016. MIFFS unofficial translation.]

Anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism go hand in hand
It does not require expert knowledge seeing where we are heading in Denmark. If the government and society do nothing now, the rich Jewish culture that has been built up here through generations will disappear.

If we really want a future for Jewish life in Denmark, we must take action now. It is time that the Danish politicians make up with anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism – the two go hand in hand and many years of bitter experience has shown that we cannot fight one without also making up with the other.

Jewish Information Center writes, among other things,
– There are many big questions to decide on the Jews in Denmark. The first is the falling membership of the greatness, which is a problem because it handles many essential functions as members themselves pay for – buildings, funeral function, worship services and extra security.

Another big question is how the Jews must take care of themselves after the terrorist attack on the synagogue. In recent years, there have been a sharp increase in anti-Semitic events. The Caroline school has been exposed to threats and vandalism, and many Jews feel that they and their children are less secure in Denmark than they were in the past. Read more about anti-Semitism in Denmark here.

Israel is the Jews’ emergency harbor
the little piece of land in size with Jutland here and remains the only country in the world where Jews can live a Jewish life without fear. It obliges all of us who love Israel and who worry about the fate of the Jews to support the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state.
Your voice means more than you think
Term from to any kind of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism! It is useful to stand up against the unreasonable treatment as the Jewish people and Israel are exposed to.

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