• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Last year, 14,800 Holocaust survivors died in Israel. The latest statistics show that approx. 192,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel, writes Jerusalem Post.

According to Survivors’ Rights Authority figures in the Ministry of Finance, 64% of the survivors were born in Europe. 36% in the former Soviet Union, 18% in Romania and 6% in Poland, reported Channel 13. The figures come a few days before International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is marked annually on the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland.

Many of the non-European survivors had their roots in the Middle East where there were also Jewish persecutions. 18% were born in Morocco and Algeria, where Jews suffered under the French Vichy regime, monitored by the Nazi regime.

Another 11% escaped from Iraq after a two-day anti-Semitic program in 1941, known as Farhud, where 180 Jews were killed and 1000 wounded in scenes reminiscent of Crystal Night. Some sources believe the death toll was much higher. According to the Israeli Museum Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center, another 600 unidentified victims are buried in a mass grave, writes the BBC.

Holocaust Survivors’ Rights Authority spends more than 4 billion shekels annually on services to about 59,000 Israelis who survived the Holocaust. br>
In addition to the monthly benefits for Holocaust survivors, 415 million shekels were spent on medicine, 493 million shekels on nursing services and 132 million shekels on medical treatment and medical equipment.

In recent years, the ministry has worked hard to ensure that the survivors know their rights. In the last two years, the ministry made more than 51,000 visits to the survivors and sent more than 40,000 letters to keep them informed of their rights, leading to claims totaling 318 million shekels.

MIFF recently wrote that the Norwegian Royal Family has announced that Crown Prince Haakon will represent Norway during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp at the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashemi Jerusalem on January 23.

Heads of state from more than 30 countries will also participate in The Fifth World Holocaust Forum. Infinitum News has previously written about Prince Charles also wanting to attend. According to Yad Vashem’s program, heads of state from France, Russia, the United States and Germany will also attend and speak. In addition, there will be music and short films that, among other things, describe the Nazis’ path to power, the Holocaust, liberation and modern anti-Semitism.

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