• Tue. May 17th, 2022

News channel Sky News Arabia published for newly extracts from telephone conversation between Israeli defense (IDF) and a resident of Gaza. IDF phoned to the person to warn of an impending air attack.

IDF calls and warns civilians in Gaza on impending attacks by Hamas’ military goals because they are used by terrorists to attack Israel’s civilian population. IDF calls to the inhabitants of Gaza to warn them before attack to avoid civilian losses.

But not everyone will listen to IDF. During the telephone conversation quoted by Sky News Arabia, the Palestinian is thus responding to IDFS warning:

“I can’t get everyone out, I need at least two hours getting them out” he says when he is told that he must evacuate the building.

“Listen here, we must bomb the building” , says Israeli operator to make him realize the seriousness. Thus, the conversation continues:

«Do You Bomb? Bomb so much you want. »

“No my brother, we must do everything we can for you to do not die.»

“We want to die.»

“But you are responsible for children’s life.”

“If the kids are to die, they die.»

“God forbid, God forbid. Why do you want to die? »

“This is how cruel in is.»

Hear the conversation here with English translation here:


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