• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

An Israeli Air Force (IAF) employee admits that the defense made a mistake by not moving the fighter jets from an underground hangar during the heavy rain last week. Eight F-16 fighter jets were damaged when the hangar at Hatzor air base in southern Israel was flooded.

“It was a mistake not to empty the underground hangars,” the officer, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Times of Israel.

According to the defense, the eight fighter jets will soon be operational again, but first they must be repaired. The price will probably be many millions of kroner. It is believed that there was one and a half meters of water inside several of the hangars.

Five of the planes were slightly damaged by the flood, while three planes were badly damaged. However, the operational capacity of the Air Force was not weakened by the flood.

The rain that last week led to the flooding at the air base and elsewhere in Israel was the heaviest in decades. The authorities are criticized by several teams for not having built an infrastructure that can withstand large amounts of precipitation. Seven people have died so far as a result of the floods this winter.

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