• Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

The Israeli defense says they are planning to carry out a major military exercise this summer which will simulate war on several fronts, writes Israel Hayom.

– The structure of the exercises, which are being prepared at the time of writing, will include scenarios on several fronts both in the north and in the south, the Israeli defense said in a statement.

The date of the exercise is still under consideration. Corona constraints are a major challenge for planning. The IDF says the purpose of the huge exercise is “to improve the IDF’s preparedness and combat capability”.

Conscripts and reserve units from each regional command, branch and directorate will participate in the exercise, which will take place «in the air, at sea and on land». The exercises will be observed and evaluated by the government and the Ministry of Defense.

– The exercises will simulate large-scale coordinated land maneuvers behind enemy lines, based on the capabilities of the General Staff, as well as the operations of special forces, says the IDF.

In previous exercises, the military has tested its ability to deal with a kidnapping in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), a war against Hezbollah in northern Israel, counter a massive cyber attack and deal with maritime threats in the north.

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