• Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Israel has the potential to wreak havoc. Therefore, our enemies should not test us. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this during a major military exercise in the north of the country on Wednesday, writes the newspaper Jerusalem Post.

“I am very impressed to see the improvement in the IDF’s readiness, the attitudes towards the soldiers and officers and especially the IDF’s strength,” said Netanyahu, who accompanied the large exercise with IDF chief Aviv Kochavi.

In October last year, the Israeli Defense Ombudsman, Major General Yitzhak Brick, issued a report claiming that military readiness had been weakened. During the military exercise on Wednesday, Netanyahu, who is also acting defense minister, said defense preparedness had improved.

– I hear our neighbors in the north, south and east are threatening to annihilate us. I say to our enemies: the IDF has the power to wreak havoc – do not test us, was Netanyahu’s clear warning to Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and others.

There is growing concern among Israeli and Western intelligence that Iran may initiate actions against Israel to escalate the conflict with the United States. It hopes Iran will force the US leadership to negotiate with them.

Fighter jets, helicopters, cargo planes, drones, air defenses and land forces have participated in the exercise, which has lasted since Sunday. In the exercise, the defense has simulated combat operations simultaneously in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon.

The F-35 was among the fighter jets that took part in the large military exercise, which lasted four days (Photo: IDF spokesman)

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