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Israel’s attack on Palestinian fishermen in the Dead Sea arouses anger among International Cooperation

Apr 1, 2019

One must look for a long time for a more obvious example of Israeli apartheid and racism, writes Tim Whyte on his Facebook page on Monday 1 April.

In recent years, Israeli irrigation systems have reduced the amount of fresh water entering the Dead Sea. Tourists who visit the Zionist bathing hotels take minerals with them from the sea, which has contributed to a reduction in the nutritional content of the few fish that the Palestinians have caught illegally.

The Danish government chooses to close its eyes. Tim Whyte points out that the right wing has done nothing to stop the Israeli aggression either

The situation of Palestinian fishermen has also attracted attention in England. The leader of the Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has launched a petition demanding that Israel give the Palestinian fishermen fair treatment.

In collaboration with the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association, Tim Whyte has chosen to establish a Danish fund to support Palestinian fishermen in the Dead Sea.

– We expect to receive an annual support from Danida – if nothing else after the next change of government, writes the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association.

If, on the other hand, you think Israel has a right to all the fish in the Dead Sea, you can call 93 87 86 74 to hear what you can do to help the two Israeli fish farmers in the salt sea.

Updated April 2:
As most of you have probably guessed, the article is an April Fool’s joke.

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