• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

– Many of the modern charges are based on blood charges from the Middle Ages


Hetz, the Hebrew word for arrow, is a non-governmental organization working to unite the many pro-Israel organizations in the world.

Recently, they held a webinar in which several prominent pro-Israel voices participated. The theme of the webinar was modern blood accusations directed at Jews and Israel.

The meeting was chaired by Eran Teboul, founder and leader of Hetz. Participants were Israeli historian Professor Richard Landes, author and journalist Tuvia Tenenbom, and Ricki Hollander, senior analyst at the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA).

– Can you explain to us what blood charges are, Eran Teboul initially asked.

– Blood accusations are based on the primitive suspicion that Jews are agents of the devil who want to spread brutality and kill. It is sad to see how many of the modern anti-Jewish accusations are rooted in the old blood accusations from the Middle Ages, Ricki Hollander replied.

Hollander explained that the blood accusations started way back in the 13th century, when a young boy was found killed in England just before Easter. His uncle, who was a priest, accused the Jews of the murder, but local police found no evidence to suggest it was true. Yet the accusation of bloodshed against the Jews spread.

– The boy was declared a saint and the theory that the Jews were behind it spread. It was said that the Jews had bribed the police to say it was not them. It was made as if the Jews used blood from Christians in their rituals, she explained.

Teboul pointed out that in all crises, most recently the Corona crisis and the protests against police violence in the United States, conspiracy theories and accusations against Israel and the Jews have emerged, after which he passed the word on to Hollander.

Hollander elaborated:

– Jew-haters view all current events as an opportunity to accuse the Jews. They claim that Israel uses Corona to infect the Palestinians, the Iranians and all its enemies. David Duke, former KKK leader, even claimed that Israel wanted to kill Donald Trump with Corona.

Richard Landes explained how modern blood libels against Israel are often based on fake videos and accusations.

See the whole lecture here:


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