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Lie card about “The Disappearing Palestine” – refusals – and alternative stories

Løgne-kort om "Det forsvindende Palæstina".

For years, Palestinian activists – all over the world – have been using these false cards to give the impression that the Palestinians, and the state they believe they should have had, are disappearing from Israel and the West Bank.

Here at MIFF Denmark you get resources you can use to return the cards. First, some links to detailed articles. And then links to simple graphics – like the one above – that you can use without a lot of text.

1st Detailed Articles

  • When NRK used a variant of these cards on their website in December 2012, MIFF in Norway published “ Now NRK also uses the cards that lie ” – a very detailed fact check and correction.
  • Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke often uses the cards, and when they have campaigns, they put the cards on the website so that all visitors can see it. See the Danish Zionist Federation’s post “ Fraud in a fight” for “Palestine which is much more like a fight against Israel – Cards that lie” from October 2014.
  • When the Danish-Palestinian Friendship Association (DPV) in April 2015 used the cards in a campaign on Movia city buses, the Danish Zionist Association has published an article “ The lost Palestine – a lie told with a map” . The pro-Israel activists managed to get the commercials removed from the buses. See also DZF’s comment on the campaign, where there is a link to an article in Jyllands Posten.

2nd Graphics – based on the lie cards

so you can quickly and clearly present the facts check and the corrections. You can download and print or share the graphics in four different versions.

PDF is what you would typically use to print an A4 sheet:

PDF of Lie Card Rejection-Portrait Orientation
PDF of Lie Card Rejection-Landscape Orientation

JPG you can typically paste into a post on Facebook – after downloading (downloading) the file to your own computer.

JPG of Lie Card Rejection-Portrait Orientation can be downloaded directly from the image above. For example. on Windows: Right click and select “Save image as” …

You can download JPG of Lie Card Rejection-Landscape Orientation from the following image in the same way. For example. on Windows: Right click and select “Save Image As” …

PDF : How-the-Jewish-people country-is-faded-into-1920-2005

Want to see other information resources for sharing, click here.

Notes, sources, and references (with links)

Compiled from the mentioned Danish sources and a Norwegian source (the latter published on 23 August 2016 in Norwegian. In Danish by Inger Irene Hansen, April 2018)

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