• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

At home, the debate on the prime minister’s visit goes together with Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in Jerusalem for closer cooperation with Israel to get the pandemic for life. Read MIFF’s latest article about the visit here.

with a worldwide pandemic that has closed all the society down and cost more millions of life, should you believe that the collaboration between Denmark and Israel would be received with great cheer in Denmark. Instead, the focus on providing several vaccines to Denmark has been turned on the spread of raw anti-Israeli propaganda led by political parties, organizations, media and others without teams in reality. Read MIFF’s latest articles on this.

How to wrote Chairman of the Party New Civil March 4 on Facebook, after she had participated in a radio program along with former chairman of the party’s list, Pernille skipper:


Former Chairman of the Unit List, Pernille Skipper is among the politicians who have helped to spread anti-Israeli propaganda – Here’s her Facebook looks from March 3

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