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Meet the people behind MIFF Denmark on their 1st birthday

Apr 19, 2019 ,

Conrad Myrland interviews Rika Greenberg and me about what it has been like to build MIFF in Denmark since the opening of the website on 19 April 2018.


We talk i.a. about what has been achieved – and you can read more about it here. We reflect on what MIFF is and what MIFF is not – both in general and in Denmark. And we present some of our pamphlets, especially in the fight against the “lie cards” about “the disappearing Palestine”.

Dina Grossman is the general manager and editor. post@miff.dk.
Rika Greenberg is a journalist and marketing manager. rika@miff.dk
Conrad Myrland is chairman of the board of MIFF DK, and general manager of MIFF Norway. post@miff.no

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