• Wed. Jun 29th, 2022
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On Saturday, the annual by Palestinians in Europe was held in Brøndby Hallen – with the participation of Danish MFs. The Swedish activist Tobias Petersson, who leads “Perspective on Israel”, has followed the conferences for several years, and followed the live streaming of this year’s conference. Here are immediate observations that confirm that the mission of the conference is more than hateful. There is really good reason to be concerned about the participation of Danish MFs – and to express the concern to the parties – as MIFF has done. The more people who do it, the better!

Demonization and utterly hidden calls for the destruction of Israel
Among the demonizing statements on stage were that “the Zionist lobby” controls the media, and that “the Zionist is our eternal enemy”. These are typical examples of “the new anti-Semitism” in the form of anti-Zionism.

There was also a small play, which i.a. went on to convey the lie that Israel detains children as young as 6 years old; the play included children of those ages – and was i.a. aimed at children among the audience.

There was praise for the violent “Great March of Return” (the demonstrations since March 2018 for up to 6 million descendants of Palestinian refugees to flood Israel with a “return”) – and there were
according to Petersson some calls to further violence.

The Danish politicians
There were calls on the stage for European Palestinians and their lobby to further develop relations with the left.

Mogens Lykketoft (Social Democracy) behaved more moderately than one might fear. Lykketoft told the audience that he had heard that the conference was organized by Hamas. It garnered applause. Lykketoft went on to say that he was not present to provide support to Hamas. It garnered no applause.

Lykketoft told the audience that it is rumored that he is in favor of Israel’s destruction – but that this is a lie, on the contrary, he supports Israel’s right to exist. Again, the audience was positive after the first message – and silent after the second.

Pernille Skipper (Unity List) probably exceeded all expectations of the audience and, according to Petersson, received a very warm reception.

As MIFF has previously reported, the Unity List is obsessed with attacking Israel and keeping the Palestinians in a victim role rather than contributing anything really constructive to the Palestinian cause. To dispel any doubts, she wore a headscarf showing Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean.

Pernille Skipper on the panel … notice the scarf depicting Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean

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