• Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

– An Iranian attack on all Norwegian Israel friends


In April 2016, the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) stopped an Iranian intelligence agent in the garden of an ethnic Norwegian man. He is a key figure in the pro-Israel organization in Norway, TV2 Norway reported on Sunday 12 January.

-It was scary to see how Iran operates. It was not only an attack on all Norwegian friends of Israel, but on Norwegian freedom of expression and freedom of association in general. Now it is important that there is a strong political reaction, says Bengt-Ove Nordgård, chairman of Med Israel for Fred (MIFF).

-Spying and intimidating behavior towards Normans by a foreign power on Norwegian soil is completely unacceptable, says Nordgård.

The MIFF chairman notes that the Iranian action in Norway was carried out in April 2016, while Barack Obama was still president and the nuclear deal with Iran was intact. Iran’s action did not come in recent years, when both confrontation and sanctions are at a higher level.

The episode in Norway shows how important it is to intensify international pressure on Iran. Israel faces not only enemies who throw stones, but a regional superpower with a stated goal of annihilating the world’s only Jewish state. This enemy has long arms that also extend into Europe and Norway. That is why it is very important that PST is on guard, says Nordgård. More than ever, it is clear that Norway and Israel are partly facing the same threat.

The MIFF leader urges MIFF members and other Israeli friends not to be intimidated by the incident.

-It is important that the work of all Norwegian Israeli organizations continues as before and with renewed vigor. We will never allow ourselves to be threatened with silence, says Nordgård.

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