• Mon. May 16th, 2022

Sigrid Bonde Tusvik in prime time on NRK: – Israelis work 100 percent to kill Palestinians


NRK (equivalent to DR in Denmark) continues to demonize Israel in prime time. A year ago, genocide charges were filed against Israel at Lindmo. Back then, the demonization came from a guest.

This time the demonization came from a NRK presenter. Comedian Sigrid Bonde Tusvik, who is the new host of Nytt på Nytt, said the following about the Corona situation in Israel on March 27:

-This does not affect Israeli jobs. It hurts the economy, but not… They are working one hundred percent to kill the Palestinians, said Bonde Tusvik.

Everything suggests that the joke was planned in advance by the editors. Host Bård Tufte Johansen replied: “And the Broadcasting Council (TV Council) got the first phone call.”

In 1914, there were about 600,000 Arabs in the Palestine area. Today, there are over 6,000,000 Arabs who largely define themselves as Palestinians, in the same area – Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. Maybe Bonde Tusvik can answer how 100 percent work to kill the Palestinians has resulted in a tenfold increase in population?

Farmer Tusvik is not alone in subscribing to wild conspiracy theories about Israel. 50 percent of Norwegian Muslims believe “Israel treats the Palestinians as badly as Jews were treated during World War II”. The figure for the general Norwegian population is 32 percent. 25 percent of Norwegian Muslims believe that “as long as the state of Israel exists, there can be no peace”. 21 percent of the total Norwegian population say the same.

When NRK makes such wild claims, they do not only contribute to spreading fake news. They create not only Israel hatred, but also Jew hatred. Norwegians, more than other Europeans, let their attitude towards Jews be influenced by actions taken by the state of Israel. No one else more often explains violence against Jews in their own country with anti-Israel attitudes.

The message that NRK conveyed on Friday is life-threatening, especially for Norwegian Jews. As many as 12 percent of the general Norwegian population say that harassment and violence against Jews can be justified when you think about how Israel treats the Palestinians. In the Norwegian Muslim population, the support is 21 percent.

When you create false images of how Israel treats the Palestinians, you feed the troll who in the future may use violence against Norwegian Jews.

The fact is that Israel follows the rules of war “well above average” compared to what is common elsewhere in the world.

“No other army has made as great an effort to prevent the killing of civilians as Israel did during all three Gaza wars,” British Officer Richard Kemp told the MIFF Conference in 2016.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that the program was recorded in advance – if NRK wanted, they could have removed the gross demonization of Israel before the program was shown to the Norwegian people.

The UN praises Israel’s cooperation with the Palestinian Authority in the fight against Corona
Bonde Tusvik’s demonizing accusation is particularly inappropriate in these days when Israel and the Palestinian Authority are fighting together to limit Corona spread. The cooperation is described as “excellent” by the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Nickolay Mladenov.

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